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SSHRC Doctoral Competitions

SSRHC competitions

For more information about the SSHRC competitions, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see SSHRC information for applicants.


Fall 2014 Academic Unit deadlines for nomination to GPS are: November 6th, 2014 

Academic Unit quotas

Academic Unit may recommend a maximum of 10% of their Graduate enrolment.

Eligibility and evaluation

Departmental evaluations should be based the following criteria and weighting available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Evaluation Criteria

Units should ensure candidate's eligibility is based on the criteria available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Eligibility

Required forms/tools

Competition process

Note: “Department” roles usually refers to work led by appointed fellowships coordinator of the Academic Unit

  1. Student requests transcripts and referee letters to go to Academic Unit: hardcopy referee letters must be submitted and added to application (in sealed envelopes)
  2. Student fills out online application
  3. Student saves application
  4. Student prints and submits finalized application to Academic Unit
  5. Student brings printed completed application copies in-person to Academic Unit (# of copies required determined by Academic Unit)
  6.  Academic Unit accepts entire application including supporting documents from students in person
  7. Academic Unit file review committee reviews files and decides to “recommend” or “not recommend” to GPS Graduate Funding (submit via GPS-FAD*)
  8. Academic Unit completes departmental appraisal form and adds it to student application (hardcopy)
  9. Academic Unit communicates file review outcomes to applicants
  10. a)  Academic Unit forwards the original and 1 hardcopy of the “recommended” files and 1 copy of “non-recommended” files to GPS Graduate Funding – James Building Room 400 or through internal mail. Documents/packages clearly labeled "GPS Graduate Funding".
    b)  Academic Unit will also scan the original (full application package) the “recommended” files and sends to GPS Graduate Funding unit via gradcomp [dot] gps [at] mcgill [dot] ca .
  11. GPS Graduate Funding's file review committee reviews the recommended files and decides to “recommend” or “not recommend” to granting agency
  12. GPS Graduate Funding notifies every applicant (whose application was recommended to GPS by Academic Unit) of the outcome of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ file review
  13. Agency announces winners in Spring 

Click image below to enlarge view of SSHRC application process flow chart

Image of SSHRC roles for department, student, and GPS in swim-lane chart

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