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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship


NSERC Vanier CGS, SSHRC Vanier CGS, and CIHR Vanier CGS

Value & Duration

$50,000/year for 3 years


  • McGill internal deadlines vary by academic unit. Contact your academic unit for deadline: Graduate Program Contacts
  • September 16, 2021, 20:00 p.m. EST to submit online via ResearchNet

NEW requirements and Reminders

NEW - IMPORTANT information regarding TRANSCRIPTS for your Vanier

Please read the following document carefully: Transcripts for Fall 2021 Vanier Application

NEW (optional)Indigenous applicants

Institutions may recommend applications from self-identified Indigenous applicants to the Vanier CGS competition above and beyond their institutional quota. Indigenous applicants must agree to their personal information being used for this purpose by making the appropriate selection in the application form by attaching the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS): Voluntary Self-Identification Form to their application in ResearchNet. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS): Voluntary Self-Identification Form [ PDF (147 KB) ] and upload it within their application.

NEW (optional) – International Transcripts

(Optional) If a nominee has international transcripts: They may attach a 250-word summary to describe the variations in the grading system from the country of the transcript and the Canadian level equivalents, and/or explain international credentials and equivalencies. The summary should be a PDF document attached at the beginning of their transcripts


Reminder- Sex- and Gender-based Analysis Plus (SGBA+)

In order to ensure funded research is impactful and relevant to the diversity of the population, applicants are required to systematically examine how differences in identity factors (such as sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age and mental or physical disability) affect the outcomes of research and the impacts of research findings. Applicants are now encouraged to take SGBA+ principles into account in their proposed research (see Application/nomination instruction - Task 10).

Reminder - Lay Abstract - Research respectfully involving Indigenous communities:

If your proposed research respectfully involved Indigenous communities, please include “This research respectfully involves Indigenous communities” at the beginning of your lay abstract (see agency web page for important detailed instructions)


*Note: Your unit will perform the GPA calculations.

Selection Criteria

How to Apply

NEW - IMPORTANT information regarding TRANSCRIPTS for your Vanier

Please read the following document carefully:Transcripts for Fall 2021 Vanier Application

  • Please contact your Academic Unit as application is by Unit nomination only.
  • Clear pdf copy of online (ResearchNet) application and all supporting documents submitted to your unit by unit deadline.
  • Further application information is available on the Vanier CGS website.

*All nominated Vanier applicants apply through McGill University. No direct applications are accepted by the agency.

Tools and Resources


Presentation Standards for Attached Documents

All attachments to applications must be prepared according to the standards provided. Applications submitted that are not prepared according to the instructions provided may be deemed ineligible.

When submitting supporting documents written in a language other than English or French, applicants are required to submit a certified translation of these documents.

Formatting Instructions to Prepare your Documents

  • Pages must be 8 ½" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm).
  • Insert a minimum margin of 2 cm (3/4 inch) around the page (top, bottom and sides).
  • Use a minimum font size of 12-point black type. Maximum of six lines per inch. Do not use condensed/narrow font sizes, type density, or line spacing. Smaller text in tables, charts, figures, and graphs is acceptable as long as it is legible when the page is viewed at 100%.
  • Photo-reduce the supporting documents if the originals are larger than 21.25 x 27.5 cm / 8.5" x 11".
  • Any images, diagrams, technical drawings, or any other image must be contained within allowable page limits.
  • Attachments must be uploaded in PDF format (unprotected).
  • The size of the attached document(s) cannot exceed 30 MB per document.
  • For documents prepared by the applicant: At the top of each page, indicate your name and the title of the document as it appears in the instructions.
  • For documents prepared by the institution: These must all be on institutional letterhead.
  • For multi-page attachments, number the pages sequentially.
  • For more information about converting documents to PDF, please refer to Help with Accessibility page.

This can be found under Task 14. Presentation standards for attached documents

Post-Award Information

If you have been awarded the above fellowship, please refer to Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship. Among other items, this page contains respective agency Award Holder's Guides, Payment Activation forms etc.

The deadlines for submitting these items in order to avoid delays in award payments are as follows:

Award Start Date

Document Deadlines

Progress Report

May 1

Apr 15

Apr 15

Sep 1

Jul 15 (in-course)
Aug 1 (new)

Jul 15

Jan 1

Dec 1

Dec 1

Please note that should the awardee’s student status change in any way during the course of the award, it is the responsibility of the awardee to notify the Academic Unit, GPS Funding Unit, and the Agency.


    For more information, please contact your academic unit or consult the Vanier CGS website.

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