Development Fount Scholarships

In November 2023, McGill signed an agreement with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) to provide scholarships for Ghanaian students pursuing graduate studies at McGill. 

Value & Duration 

KNUST will provide funding for the following: 

  • McGill tuition at the Quebec rate
  • Program/ancillary fees 
  • Health and living insurance
  • A stipend, paid directly to the student for living expenses (min. of 1,800 CAD/month)
  • Return fare

McGill will provide funding as follows; 

  • For PhD and Thesis Master's: International supplement for the duration of the scholarship. 
  • For Non-Thesis Master's (excluding self-funded programs): Tuition support equivalent to Thesis Master's international supplement (approx. 17,000 CAD annually) for a total of 3 terms.  

Scholarship support is provided for a maximum of two years for Master's students and four years for PhD students


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of Ghana
  • Satisfy the selection criteria set by KNUST
  • Meet all McGill's admission requirements to a graduate program 
  • Receive an offer of admission from a McGill graduate degree program 

McGill self-funded programs are not eligible for funding under the scholarship program

How to Apply 

  1. KNUST will make a preselection of applicants, following the procedures set by KNUST.
  2. Preselected applicants must apply to McGill for admissions by the chosen programs' deadline. Specify in the application that you are applying through the Development Fount Scholarships. 
  3. Selected applicants receive a letter of acceptance to a graduate degree program at McGill. 

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