SSHRC Doctoral Competitions

For more information about the SSHRC competitions, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see SSHRC information for applicants.


Fall 2017 Academic Unit deadline for nomination to GPS is: 01 November 2017 

Academic Unit Quotas

Academic Unit may recommend a maximum of 10% of their Graduate enrolment.

Units where 10% is less than 4, may submit a maximum of 4.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Departmental evaluations should be based the criteria and weighting available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Evaluation Criteria

Units should ensure candidate's eligibility is based on the criteria available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Eligibility



Competition Process

Note: “Department” roles usually refers to work led by appointed fellowships coordinator of the Academic Unit

  1. Academic Unit forwards the original of the “recommended” files and original of “non-recommended” files to GPS Graduate Funding – James Building Room 400 or through internal mail. Documents/packages clearly labeled "GPS Graduate Funding". Use one LETTER SIZE FILE FOLDER per each applicant. 
  2. Academic Unit will also scan the original (full application package) “recommended” files and send to GPS Graduate Funding unit via gradcomp.gps [at] . Follow file naming conventions in the checklist.