SSHRC Doctoral Competitions

For more information about the SSHRC competitions, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see SSHRC information for applicants.

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Fall 2018 - Academic Unit deadline for nomination to GPS is: 01 November 2018

Academic Unit Quotas

Academic Unit may recommend a maximum of 10% of their Graduate enrolment.

Units where 10% is less than 4, may submit a maximum of 4.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Departmental evaluations should be based the criteria and weighting available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Evaluation Criteria

Units should ensure candidate's eligibility is based on the criteria available on the SSHRC website: Doctoral Eligibility



Competition Process

Note: “Department” roles usually refers to work led by appointed fellowships coordinator of the Academic Unit

  1. Recommended Applicants; Academic Unit will scan the original (full application package) “recommended” files and send to GPS Graduate Funding unit via gradcomp.gps [at] . Follow file naming conventions in the checklist. 
  2. Non-Recommended Applicancts: Academic Unit will scan the first 4 (FOUR) pages of the  original application and send to GPS Graduate Funding unit via gradcomp.gps [at] Please add "non-Rec" to the file name as per checklist instructions.