PBEEE/Quebec Merit Scholarship & DE/DS for Foreign Students

For more information on PBEEE & DE/DS, including a summary of eligibility criteria, see PBEEE & DE/DS information for applicants.


Deadlines (2019)

June 27 Unit receives PBEEE Eligibility Screening Form, pre-selection application, and copies of all postsecondary transcripts from applicants for review and recommendation at Unit level.
July 15 Unit submits screening information to GPS on FAD. FAD will become available as of mid June.
July 22 GPS confirms candidate eligibility and pre-selection requirements to Unit on FAD (Unit should confirm eligibility to applicant).
July 25

Unit SCANS complete (recommended only) pre-selection application packages and submits them to GPS via email gradcomp.gps [at] mcgill.ca and completes FAD.

Aug. 09 GPS will confirm received applications to units

Oct. 1 TBC

Deadline for GPS to submit nominee information electronically to Agency
Nov. 1-TBC Deadline for nominated candidates to submit online application and original, hard-copy supporting documents to Agency

Unit Quotas


The PBEEE competition has thirteen (13) categories of eligibility. Each unit may recommend one (1) candidate to GPS per each competition category. McGill's quota varies by citizenship.

Open V1 V2 V3 4
Brazil 1B 2B 3B 1
India 1I 2I 3I 1
Israel 1IS n/a 3IS 1
Wallonia 1W n/a 3W 1


Each academic unit may recommend one (1) candidate to GPS in each of the DE & DS competitions. McGill's quota for each competition is two (2).


Eligibility and Evaluation

Because of the popularity of this competition, all candidates are screened for basic eligibility before they are assessed on an in-depth, qualitative basis. Eligibility is demonstrated through the information reported by Unit on FAD.

  • The DE competition is for doctoral-level students studying in the areas of: Aerospace, New Information and Communications Technologies, New Health Technologies, Genomics or Nanotechnologies.
  • The DS competition is for doctoral-level students studying in the areas of: Humanities, Social Sciences, or Arts and Literature.
  • PBEEE DE & DS Number of Terms Calculators [NOTE: The duration of PhD awards is dependent upon the proposed start-date less the number of terms completed at the PhD level up to a MAXIMUM of 9 terms.

An applicant for PBEEE who has completed 6 terms of PhD study at the proposed start-date may receive a maximum of only 3 terms of award.
**For fast-tracked and direct-entry; 1st term of eligibility begins the start of 7th term of PhD study. This means the duration of the award is dependent upon the proposed start date and the number of terms of PhD study completed at the beginning of the 7th term. 

  • Units should ensure candidates' eligibility based on the criteria available at the FRQNT website "Eligibility conditions and citizenship"
  • Units are expected to calculate and report an accurate CGPA on FAD. Use the Eligibility Screening form in order to ensure ineligible candidates are not included in the pre-selection process or progress to nomination. Please use the GPA Calculation Guide.


Evaluation Criteria



  • DE & DS: The unit pre-selection process is responsible for designating applications for DE or DS at the time of submission deadline. Applicants not recommended by McGill for the DE or DS MAY be considered for the PBEEE competition in the appropriate doctoral category.
  • PBEEE: If the number of eligible candidates does not exceed the McGill quota in any competition category, those candidates will automatically become McGill nominees to the agency in that respective category. Units should only solicit applications from eligible candidates, as determined by the nomination screening process. Pool of newly admitted international students is a good place to begin soliciting candidates.
  • Transcripts: GPS does not require original/certified transcripts for the pre-selection stage of this competition. Please note that candidates who are nominated by McGill to the agency will be responsible for submitting original or certified copies (certified by a Commissioner of Oaths) as supporting documents to their online application to the agency. All transcripts must be in one of Canada’s official languages, or be accompanied by an official translation into English or French.
  •  Agency Forms (please use the PDF dynamic version for pre-selection):  These forms are for McGill internal selection purposes and other year's form linked to on this page is fine to use. ** note that "committee", "program", "PIN", and "application number" are NOT required at this time.

Required Forms/Tools