The SIS data warehouse is a compilation of data collected from underlying tables in the production Banner Student Information System. The new SIS warehouse (BANREP) replaces the legacy warehouse (OWP).

The data is stored on an Oracle Server and served as a collection of views. The views contain information about students, courses, applicants, and other specialized data.

The columns use a standardized naming convention across all views. For example the term column will be called "TERM_CODE_KEY" in all views, whether it is an admissions, academic, course, schedule, etc. view. Many of the columns are populated with data as it appears in the production Banner system, however some of the columns are also "derived" or created just in the warehouse. Examples of these derived columns would be the "REGD_NON_WITHDRAWN_IND" or "APPLIED_FOR_GRADUATION_IND" columns. These columns do not exist in Banner prod and have been created to make querying easier. Derived columns are often based on fairly complex rules and selection criteria.

The SIS data warehouse is refreshed with data from the Banner prod system on a nightly basis. It contains data for all terms since Banner went live (in 200209) as well as a collection of legacy data for pre200209 terms.

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