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Querying the SIS data warehouse can become very complicated and we are here to help. We do encourage warehouse users to try their own queries and to advance their knowledge, but if you are not getting the results you wish or if your query becomes too long or complicated give us a call.

In some cases we can talk you through the query over the phone, or run it here in Enrolment Services and e-mail you the results, or forward a request to the Reporting team in ISR to have a program written (in cases where the request is too complicated to be handled by us).

Please note that if your query is taking an unforeseen amount of time to run, it may be erred and you may unknowingly be clogging up the Oracle server's resources. If you are not sure what is wrong with the query, please call us before running it again.

Contact the Enrolment Services Systems group:

  • Documentation and general help sisreport [at]
  • Data questions and query help brian.haughton [at] (Brian Haughton) 398-5574.
  • Changes and enhancements to the warehouse mark.quinsey [at] (Mark Quinsey) 398-8397.
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