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2021 - Startup & Intern Profiles

The McGill Engine continues to offer the Startup Internship Program that was created last summer to help provide mentorship and learning experiences for McGill students over the summer. Seven McGill Faculty of Engineering affiliated startups were selected to train and supervise an intern for 12 weeks.

The selected interns are from the faculties of Engineering and Science and each of them will have the opportunity to collaborate remotely with both the startup and a mentor at the Engine Centre to ensure a well rounded learning experience during the internship.

Thanks to our generous alumnus donor John D. Thompson and to the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP)/TECHNATION Canada Career Ready Program, we have been able to continue the Startup Internship Program to provide our students with an experiential learning opportunity within our startups over this summer.

Intern Profiles

Profile Photo of Startup Intern Salim Benchekroun

Salim Benchekroun,

Signal Processing Intern @ SWAM

Profile photo of Rakshitha Ravi

Rakshitha Ravi,

Software Developer @ Acrylic Design & Technology

Profile photo of Cyril Saidane

Cyril Saidane,

Front-end Developer for Native Application @ Pètience

Profile photo of Chaimae Fahmi

Chaimae Fahmi,

Web developer- Intern @ Alpha Iota Alloys

Profile photo of Andy Li

Andy Li,

Bioelectrical Engineer @ LFAnt Medical

Profile photo of Abris Gilvesy

Abris Gilvesy,

Android Developer @ CourseLnk

Profile photo of George Kontorousis

George Kontorousis,

Mobile App Development Intern @ TrustCare


Startup Profiles

  • Logo of SWAM

    SWAM is a for-profit business, with a product similar to Fitbit for high-performance athletics, specifically swimming. The product being developed is a network of intercommunicating wearable hardware modules that give a 3D model of a swimmer in motion, enabling coaches to give much better technical feedback to their athletes.

  • Logo of Acrylic Design & Technology

    Acrylic intends to design and sell abstract acrylic artwork that has been produced via a semi-automated process using both robotic and software automation. They are currently developing the technical infrastructure required to collect, analyze and transform painting data and create painted artwork through robotic automation.

  • Logo of Petience

    Pètience is a tech start-up that aims to provide pet parents a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly platform that eases their pet parenting process, while connecting local pet service providers and pet parents together. Their vision is to help shape a pet-friendly future in the post-COVID Canadian community that is filled with responsible pet parents and sustainable pet businesses.

  • Logo of Alpha Iota Alloys

    Alpha Iota Alloys aims to develop novel ultra-lightweight magnesium (ULMg) alloys for applications where weight reduction is critical by developing eco-friendly and affordable-cost alloys with superior properties. Check out our linkedin page!

  • Logo of LFAnt Medical

    LFAnt Medical is a for-profit Montreal-based biotechnology startup dedicated to revolutionizing the point-of-care detection of infectious diseases. LFAnt is currently developing its flagship product, the Compact, which is a rapid and accurate at-home test for the detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea. Follow them on LinkedIn!

  • logo of CourseLnk

    CourseLnk is a student-run, community oriented app that seeks to connect students together in order to help them keep up with their classes. The app is available at McGill, Western and Trent Universities and is the easiest way to find course group chats and classmates, especially during a time when in-person teaching and on-campus activities are largely suspended.

  • Logo of TrustCare

    TrustCare, a for-profit company, aims to provide an innovative solution to facilitate the communication between residents’ family members and the care facilities. Their proposed solution is an AI-based system composed of an information collecting module and the mobile phone app designed for receiving information.

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