Collage of three images, image one is a student presenting his project during an engine event, photo 2 is to women networking and photo three is a group image of three students, one Engine staff member and a faculty member.


If you have a technological/STEM-based idea that has real-world impact potential, we are here to provide you the resources to help test it and advance your project. We have several training and funding programs for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoc researchers, and professors.

We also host competitions and events throughout the year to help you further develop your entrepreneurial and innovation skills while advancing your projects and early-stage ventures. 

Group image of 8 TechAccel grantees.

TechAccel Program

Image of a desk with office supplies on it such as a keyboard, paper, paper clips and pencils.

Startup Internship Program

Group image of all the judges, keynote speaker and TechIdea Pitch finalists during the 2020 John D. Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar.

TechIdea Pitch Competition

Additional Resources

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Advising & Coaching

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Empowered Startups

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