Learn about the revamped TechAccel Program!

The TechAccel Program is one of the McGill Engine’s key co-curricular/experiential learning programs. It supports early-stage student ventures with Lean Startup Methodology training, 1:1 business mentorship, and funding. The program runs three times a year during the Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters, each cohort is about 18 weeks long. We help student technological innovators make a positive impact on the world!

What's new?

  • Teams accepted into the TechAccel program will automatically remain in the TechAccel cohort(s) until the completion of their project/venture. 
  • Eligibility expanded: McGill student teams of 2-4, the lead applicant must be a McGill student (undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc) enrolled full time. To be eligible for the funding, at least one team member must be enrolled in a faculty* that is STEM-related at McGill University.
  • Access to the TechAccel project funding: TechAccel teams need to submit their most up-to-date Startup Venture Information and the Budget Milestones, Stakeholder Analysis, and Gantt Chart to their assigned TechAccel mentor, and the funding request will be assessed and evaluated based on their project progress in terms of the problem validation, market analysis, and stakeholder interviews. 

*Students of McGill School of Continuing Studies are eligible to receive mentorship through the TechAccel program but are not eligible for TechAccel funding.

How it works?

  1. Apply by the TechAccel Program application deadline, September 9, 2024 
  2. Accepted teams will be notified via email by September 22, 2024
  3. Attend a kick-off meeting to meet the other teams in your cohort and get in touch with your team's assigned mentor on September 3, 2024, 4 - 5 PM
  4. Follow the Lean Startup Methodology modules online via the Empowered Startup Platforms and advance your team's project/venture with the help of your assigned mentor
  5. Attend monthly cohort check-in meetings
  6. Submit progress and final reports and complete mandatory surveys

Impact Since 2016

$224K+ in funding

22% female participation rate
80% application
success rate

+15% innovation skills*
101 startup projects supported

+19% entrepreneurship skills*

* based on self-efficacy surveys from 2019 to Summer 2023

Program Key Benefits

symbol of a ticket

McGill student participants receive CCR recognition*

symbol of improvement

Increase your entrepreneurial and innovation skills 

Advising Icon.

1:1 coaching and mentorship from our TechAccel Mentors

symbol of light bulb

Networking opportunities and community events

Icon of a dollar sign.

Potential project funding or a summer stipend 

Devices icon (a computer, watch and cellphone).

Develop your pitch and presentation skills 



* TechAccel is an approved Enriched Educational Opportunities program. 


TechAccel Self Assessment Tool

Yes No
Have you searched your idea online? *
Search it online to see if it's already out there and come back for Q1!
Is it already commercialized by a company? *
Compared to the existing commercial solutions, is your idea/solution faster better cheaper? If not, you should come up with a new idea!
Have you spoken to stakeholders about the problem that your idea is trying to solve? *
Please identify the stakeholders and schedule interviews with them to further validate/invalidate your hypothesis!
How many interviews have you conducted? You can start your 1st iteration of the Lean Startup Canvas!
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