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About Us

About Us

The McGill Engine Centre out of the Faculty of Engineering, focuses on stimulating and supporting technologically-based innovation and entrepreneurship at McGill University in collaboration with the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Office of Innovation and Partnerships.

Leveraging the Faculty of Engineering’s research and educational programs, the McGill Engine’s MISSIONS are:

  1. to help develop the next-generation of McGill technological innovators and entrepreneurs by providing education and advice, funding, and project mentorship; and
  2. to promote and accelerate the commercialization of inventions and software out of the Faculty of Engineering through funding, coaching, and connections; and
  3. to increase engagement and R&D collaborations between innovation-driven companies and the Faculty of Engineering by providing matching and facilitation services.


OUR VISION: For the McGill Engine community to make a positive impact and contribute value to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide.


•Curiosity - questioning the status quo and trying to better understand the world around us

•Collaboration - promote sharing and involvement of everyone to achieve common goals

•Community - caring about each other, staying involved and giving back

•Sustainability - working in a way that integrates social, economic, and environmental dimensions equitably within the limits of a finite planet

•Determination - persevere even when encountering difficulties or failures believing you can be a positive change agent

OUR IMPACT TO DATE (since 2013)

Over $720,000

in grants, awards, prizes, and fellowships awarded

Average 40 company

interactions per year




Over 120 students & professors

advised/coached per year

Over 175 

applications reviewed and 61 projects/start-ups supported (funding and personalized mentorship)

Over 1500 attendees

In over 50 events, seminars, workshops, lectures



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