DiPierro Innovation Fellowships

The DiPierro Innovation Fellowship

The McGill Engine Innovation Fellowships Program supports the recipient and the team on the development of a technology in order to bring it closer to the marketplace and allow the DiPierro Innovation Fellow to gain further knowledge and experience in business and technology commercialization.

Program Objectives

1)      To advance the technology from a minimum of TRL3 to TRL5 or higher in conjunction with targeted market needs/opportunities, in order to significantly increase the likelihood of creating a start-up company or licensing the technology to an existing company.

2)      To provide an opportunity for the inventors to focus on the development of their invention while acquiring business and technology commercialization skills as part of the innovation process.

  • Be a current post-doctoral fellow at McGill Faculty of Engineering or a PhD student who has successfully defended at McGill.
  • Be a co-inventor or has worked on the invention, along with a full-time professor in the Faculty of Engineering on an active report of invention backed by the McGill’s Innovation and Partnerships office, I+P.
  • Pre-incorporation, technology not yet optioned nor licensed nor assigned to third party. Minimum TRL3.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

  1. IP strength and stage of development both of technology and market validation.
  2. Degree of market potential and social impact.
  3. Ability of the proposed milestone-based project plan to significantly advance the technology toward commercial outcome, e.g. likelihood of start-up creation or licensing of technology at project completion.
  4. Presentation by lead applicant.
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Problem/Market Opportunity
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. Due Diligence Review by the Technology Transfer Office
  5. Project Description, Milestones, Deliverables
  6. Funding
  7. Team and Collaborations
  1. Your background and motivation in commercializing the technology.
  2. What problem/opportunity does your technology address? Why is the problem/opportunity important? Who are the stakeholders?
  3. Your technology – unique solution to the problem. What is it? Background, technology status, IP status.
  4. What is your path to market? Which segment are you targeting? What is the market segment size? Current barriers or risks to commercialization/bringing the technology to the market?
  5. Project scope of work? Key milestones and deliverables? Metrics for success?

Please fill out the File innovation_fellowships-application_process_2019.docx and submit your application by e-mailing the pdf versions of the application and of the presentation to: katya.marc [at] mcgill.ca

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