Invention to Impact Training Program

I to I poster
Spring 2024 Cohort Duration: 

April 23, 2024 - July 2, 2024

Impact Since 2021

Seventeen teams have completed our program, representing 47 STEM and life sciences researchers from across McGill, being trained and mentored in order to help assess the commercial potential of their inventions to solve social, health, or environmental challenges. Fifteen early-stage ventures are continuing their commercialization plan with total follow-on funding of over $910,000.

+14% innovation skills*
+29% entrepreneurship skills*

* based on self-efficacy surveys from Fall 2021 to Spring 2023

Program Overview

The Invention to Impact (I-to-I) Training Program uses experiential learning to help McGill graduate students and their faculty supervisors gain insight into:

  • technology commercialization
  • entrepreneurship
  • industry requirements and challenges

I-to-I provides tools and training to support researchers to translate their research to the marketplace and have their solutions benefit society. The program imparts an evidence-based methodology that students and professors can use for the rest of their careers, and it also enables the transformation of inventions to impact. This program allows student participants to receive CCR recognition as it is an approved Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEO) program. 

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