Ronald Chwang Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Ronald Chwang Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are knowledgeable, experienced entrepreneurs and innovators with a variety of backgrounds that are available to meet with McGill students and faculty for advising and coaching on their technologically-based ideas, inventions, technologies, R&D projects, and startups/spinoffs.

The McGill Engine’s three Ronald Chwang Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Professor Michael Avedesian, Dr. Andrew Csinger, and Derrick Wong are available for advising and coaching to help you get to the next level with your technologically-based ventures. They also mentor several of our TechAccel teams and our Gap Funding Program teams.

Michael AvedesianProfessor Michael Avedesian

Professor Michael Avedesian is a serial entrepreneur and course lecturer. Please send him an email at michael.avedesian [at] (subject: Book%20an%20appointment) to schedule a meeting.

Andrew CsingerDr. Andrew Csinger

Serial entrepreneur and advisor to several high technology firms, Andrew can be reached via email at andrew.csinger [at] (subject: Book%20an%20appointment) to schedule an appointment.

Profile Pic of DerrickDerrick Wong (M.Sc., MBA)

In addition to his role as course lecturer, Derrick provides guidance to students and researchers who are exploring technology entrepreneurship. Please send him an email at derrick.wong [at] (subject: Book%20an%20appointment) to schedule a meeting.



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