Collage of three images of the McGill Engine Centre (FDA5E, FDA5 and FDA3)

Bookable Rooms

The McGill Engine Centre is closed until further notice. All in-person advising and coaching in now done remotely! 

The McGill Engine Centre thanks the McGill School of Computer Science (SOCS) for generously setting up and hosting our Booked online reservation system. McGill students, faculty, and staff can request to reserve the following rooms for activities with an innovation and entrepreneurial focus:

How to book a room

  1. Read the Code of Conduct and Guidelines for room use 

  2. Read the user guide which explains how to use Booked: PDF iconBooked User Guide

  3. Submit a reservation online. If you are reserving a room in the “after hours schedule”, the individual making the reservation will be granted access to the room on their student/staff/faculty ID card for the exact date and time matching the reservation. You can only access the link on either McGill's WiFi network on campus or remotely if you are connected to McGill's VPN

Cancelling a reservation

  • Should you need to cancel any of your reservations, we ask that you cancel it yourself using Booked as soon as you know that you don’t require the room.
  • See the last section entitled "Editing an Existing Reservation" for instructions:  PDF icon Booked User Guide


Available rooms

Seminar Room - FDA3

Seminar Room Photo

  • Fully equipped with 4K LCD display with HDMI + VGA + wireless connections, sound system

  • Four whiteboards

  • Capacity: Classroom - 32, movable, stack-able chairs

Reservations are currently closed 



Conference Room - FDA5D

Conference Room photo

  • Room has a LCD display with HDMI + VGA + wireless connections

  • One whiteboard

  • Capacity: Table for 6, can fit up to 8 comfortably

Reservations are currently closed


Breakout Room - FDA5E

Breakout room photo

  • Room has a LCD display with HDMI + VGA + wireless connections

  • One whiteboard

  • Capacity: Low table and chairs for 4. Can fit up to 6 comfortably.

Reservations are currently closed


Open Space - FDA5

Photo of FDA5.

  • Fully equipped with 4K LCD display with HDMI + VGA + wireless connections, and sound system.

  • Two movable whiteboards.

  • Capacity: 104 standing or at tables capacity is 40 seats

  • If not reserved by Engine and its partners, it is used on a walk-in/drop-in basis, open space with co-working tables. No reservations needed. Welcome in!!

Reservations are currently closed



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