Code of Conduct & Guidelines for Room Use

As part of its contribution to the McGill community, the McGill Engine Centre provides use of its rooms to groups under the following terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in withdrawal of room use privileges.

Code of Conduct

  • We work together to create a welcoming and safe space we can all enjoy. During your visit to the McGill Engine Centre, please:
  • Respect others
  • Be courteous, knowing that others want to enjoy the Centre as you do, too
  • Use furniture, equipment, and spaces for their intended purposes
  • Keep all valuable personal items with you and do not leave them unattended at any time, the Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen property
  • The McGill Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures is considered the basic university requirements and applies to all students registered on a part-time or full-time basis at McGill University. In addition, the Faculty of Engineering also adheres to the code of ethics found in The Blueprint.
  • To have a positive experience for everyone, certain behaviours are unacceptable, including:
  • Abuse of any kind toward others
  • Damaging or stealing Centre property
  • Illegal activity
  • Sleeping

Guidelines for Room Use

The Centre reserves the right to determine whether room use is in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Activity is related to technological innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Priority is given to the McGill Engine programs and McGill Engine-partnered events/programs/activities (e.g. ECC’s use of FDA3 and FDA5)
  • Room bookings are on a first come, first-served basis
  • The Centre reserves the right to review recurring use by any group to ensure appropriate accessibility
  • All the rooms and open space must be left in the condition in which they were found
  • Attendance at activities/events cannot exceed the posted maximum for the room
  • Require a minimum of two users for the closed rooms
  • May be booked up to one month in advance; require notice of 24 hours for cancellation
  • Will be released for others to use after 15 minutes if the person who reserved/responsible is not present
  • Require no minimum hours of booking; allow a maximum 3 hour block that does not exceed open hours of the Centre, namely Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
  • The Centre is open from Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, outside of the opening hours the Centre will be locked. If you are reserving a room in the “after hours schedule”, the individual making the reservation will be granted access to the room on their student/staff/faculty ID card for the exact date and time matching the reservation.
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