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TechEiR - Tech Entrepreneur in Residence

Michael Avedesian Profile PictureProfessor Michael Avedesian
Serial Entrepreneur and Course Lecturer

Dr. Avedesian had three start-up companies for which two he was the founding CEO. Two of them were successful and one went IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of TM4, a company which designs and manufactures electromechanical drive train systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. Complete profile available here!

Andrew Csinger Profile PictureDr. Andrew Csinger LinkedIn logo
Serial Entrepreneur and Advisor to Several High Technology Firms

Dr. Csinger is a curiosity-driven, gregariously introverted technocrat. His self-proclaimed role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of the semi-systematic search for shiny pieces of intellectual property to develop into successful corporate undertakings. Complete profile available here!

Volunteer TechAccel Mentors

AnibalAnibal Jodorcovsky LinkedIn logo
Independent Health Informatics Consultant

Anibal (BEng ‘95) is a Senior Executive with proven results in delivering high quality output and throughput via team development and sound engineering practices. He is skilled in diverse negotiation activities, growing teams, managing conflict and delivering results. Anibal likes talking to students and passing on experience that can help young entrepreneurs. Complete profile available here!

ChloeChloë Ryan LinkedIn logo
CEO & Founder, Acrylic Robotics

Chloë co-founded Acrylic Robotics through Engine’s TechAccel Program back in 2020. Since then, she has been a part of Engine sharing her entrepreneurship experience to fellow McGill students who are passionate about Entrepreneurship and Innovation. McGill Engine was the springboard for building her venture and she would love to give back! Complete profile available here!

Gilles Fayad profile pictureGilles Fayad LinkedIn logo
Director, Initiatives, AI Commons

Fayad would like to give back to the community that gave his the opportunity to succeed, and he can't help but be active in the emerging technologies and taking them to market as disruptive solutions and startup entities. Complete profile available here!

Kamran Ahmed profile pictureKamran Ahmed LinkedIn logo
Technology Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor

After a very successful professional and entrepreneurial career including a major exit, he is now focusing his efforts on giving back to the community. One aspect of this is through mentoring and advising entrepreneurs. Complete profile available here!

Thomas Karatzas Profile pictureThomas Karatzas LinkedIn logo
Software Engineer in Silicon Valley

Thomas was a part of McGill Engine back in 2016.  It was a huge part of his university experience and helped him a lot. He wants to give back to the community and build the next generation of McGill Alumni! Complete profile available here!

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