Ian McLachlin Prize for Entrepreneurship in Engineering

Established in 1998 by Ian McLachlin, B.Eng. 1960, to encourage students in the Faculty of Engineering to undertake new ventures with business or social impact potential. Awarded to students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering with high academic standing who have begun, have made progress towards, or have completed an entrepreneurial project with business or social impact potential. 

2023 Winners

Beeta Biomed logoBeetaBiomed

Roozbeh Siavash Moakhar

(PhD candidate)

Beeta Biomed is a McGill spin-off to commercialize a game-changing patented technology (QolorEX), developed in Prof. Sara Mahshid's lab. QolorEX is a novel medical diagnostic instrument which is faster, simpler, and much less costly than the gold standard PCR (polymerase chain reaction) methods for respiratory infections such as COVID-19 and influenza. As an easy-to-use with no need for trained personnel, cost-effective and industrially friendly nucleic acid detection machine, QolorEX is analogous to the gold standard RT-qPCR (reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR) that provides measurable colorimetric readout from the saliva of the patients in a multiplex and fully automated fashion in only 13 min.

IKEI logoIkei Systems

Minh Tran 

(PhD candidate)

Ikei aims to provide a low-cost, high-precision nutrient monitoring system for more efficient use of water and nutrients in hydroponic agriculture, and reduction of waste-water release. Typically, after multiple growth cycles, the nutrients in a hydroponic system become imbalanced, forcing growers to flush their system to prepare a new water culture. By monitoring the system’s nutrient content, nutrient water can be recycled through rebalancing, reducing costs and reducing waste.

2022 Winners

AwakeAI logoAwakeAI

Lulan Shen

(PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

An AI-based solution to improve care quality and address staff shortages at seniors’ homes and CHSLDs.

Rezo BiomedicalsRezo Biomedicals

Jonathan Brassard

(PhD candidate in Biological and Biomedical Engineering)

A biomedical device and process that facilitates device design and integration of both immunoprotection and vascularization of cell therapy products.

2021 Winners

Stocate LogoStocate

Yannick D'Mello

(PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Stocate is an online platform that supports the Buy Local movement by connecting local sellers with potential buyers. They represent small businesses, artists, grassroots organizations, producers, and independent teachers in our mission to empower individuals to find, create, and add their own value to the world.

BioOptic LogoBioOptic

Natasha Jacobson and Trevor Cotter

(Both PhD candidates in Mechanical Engineering)

BioOptic is a necessary staple in physiotherapy and rehabilitative offices, globally, for its ability to characterize the abdominal compartment, non-invasively, for improved and targeted treatment plans. We directly measure and relate intra-abdominal pressure and abdominal wall elasticity to clinicians and patients, alike.

2020 Winners

Ora-3D logo imageOra-3D

Shlesha Van

(Undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering)

Aiming to provide a smart and automated solution for effortless dental care by redesigning the decades old model of a toothbrush and automating it to intelligently provide a smart brushing experience.

Logo of Acrylic Design & TechnologyAcrylic

Chloë Ryan and Celeste Nantel

(Both Undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering)

Intends to design and sell abstract acrylic artwork that has been produced via a semi-automated process (using both robotic and software automation).

2019 Winners

Artizanko LogoArtizanko

Artizanko is a zero waste packaging solutions company for local enterprises. Currently, we are collaborating with local producers to innovate compostable packaging for their products. Our goal is to have packages that are inexpensive, compostable, heat and water resistant.

Aissam Souidi Profile PictureAissam Souidi

Chemical Engineering student who is determined to innovate creative solutions that can impact and disrupt the status quo. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, green technologies, and circular economy. During his time at McGill, he has developed a strong leadership experience, having founded and led many campus groups such as the McGill Rocket Team, and Volunteers for a Smile.

Neath Nguon Profile PictureNeath Nguon

Neath is a future chemical engineer who is passionate about entrepreneurship, Neath aspires to become one of the key players in the Asia tech industry. At McGill University, she is involved with organizations such as the Chemical Engineering Student Society and Engineering Investment Group. Additionally, with her dedication to serve underdeveloped communities, she hopes to continue to deliver lasting impacts in the future, especially back home in Cambodia.

2018 Winners

Otieno OderoTechAngle Young Leaders Initiative (TYLI)

Otieno Odero

Asad LesaniBlue City Technology

Asad Lesani

2017 Winners

Amir Abushanab and Ghalia BakiLumbrick-a solution throughout refugee camps and sub-Saharan Africa

Amir Abushanab and Ghalia Baki

Mahmoud AssranAd-hoc, self-healing intelligent network

Mahmoud Assran

2016 Winners

Aidan KurtzINTRALATTICE – Lattice Design Software for 3D printing

Aidan Kurtz

Thomas KaratzasS!MVO –The Interactive Degree Advising Platform

Thomas Karatzas

2015 Winners

Alexander KramlRAEDEF-Generation of 360 degree Multimedia Content

Alexander Kraml

Colin GallacherThe Haplet

Colin Gallacher

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