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Gradual reopening continues on downtown campus. See Campus Public Safety website for details.

La réouverture graduelle du campus du centre-ville se poursuit. Complément d'information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention.


We are pleased to announce the 5th edition of the McGill Engine's Summer Startup Internship Award Program (SSIAP) which provides McGill undergraduate students with an experiential learning opportunity within our startup ventures over the summer. They have the opportunity to collaborate with both the startup venture and a mentor at the McGill Engine Centre to ensure they have a well-rounded learning experience.

This year, the SSIAP is supporting 9 summer startup internship awards. One is made available through the Jim Nicell Startup Internship Award supported by endowed gifts from several members of the Faculty of Engineering Advancement Board and friends of the Faculty in honour of the past dean, Professor Jim Nicell. The remaining internship awards are funded through the support of other generous donors, namely, John D. Thompson and Stephen Hamelin.

The SSIAP stipend is valued at up to $6,675 per award.

Intern Profiles

Alex Butler profile pic

Alex Butler,
LinkedIn Profile

Marketing Intern
@ Beeta Biomed

Yujin Kim profile pic

Yujin Kim,
LinkedIn Profile

Marketing Intern 
@ Ikei Systems

Jackson Mcintosh profile pic

Jackson McIntosh,
LinkedIn Profile

Marketing Intern 
@ Sandbox Cycling

Nicholas Foisy Profile Picutre

Nicholas Foisy,
LinkedIn Profile

Full-Stack Developer Intern 
@ Curbcut

Andeww Lopez profile pic

Andrew Lopez,
LinkedIn Profile

Marketing Intern 
@ Fulcra

Bilar Mokhtari profile pic

Bilar Mokhtari,
LinkedIn Profile

Web App Developer Intern 
@ RentAdvisor

Sasha Profile Picture

Sasha Juriansz,
LinkedIn Profile

Business Intern
@ TissueTinker

Manouhan Malo profile pic

Manouhan Malo,
LinkedIn Profile

Marketing Intern 
@ ClickClot

Malak Oualid profile pic

Malak Oualid,
LinkedIn Profile

Software Engineer Intern 
@ Tailor

Startup Profiles

Beeta Biomed

Beeta Biomed aims to commercialize a groundbreaking patented technology known as QolorEX. QolorEX represents a fully automated RT-qPCR machine, boasting exceptional speed and cost efficiency, while maintaining accuracy equivalent to the gold standard for infectious disease testing. Unlike current rapid PCR tests, QolorEX doesn't rely on specific healthcare facilities or trained personnel. 

clickclot logo

At ClickClot, our technology halts heavy bleeding within seconds, catering to diverse settings, including surgical rooms, battlefields, and everyday emergencies, and promising unmatched performance with rapid hemostasis, strong adhesion, and biocompatibility. ClickClot aims to cater to B2C with a bandaid version to validate our technology selling through First-Aid kit suppliers and pharmacies. 

Curbcut logo

Curbcut builds and delivers geospatial analysis platforms. We integrate high-performance data science and cutting edge academic research to facilitate deep, dynamic, and intuitive exploration of urban sustainability in Canadian cities. Curbcut is a software-as-a-service which aggregates and displays enormous quantities of quantitative and qualitative data through maps, visualizations, and text. 

Fulcra logo

Fulcra provides an innovative and better way of managing chronic lower back pain. Their unique orthotic device provides on-demand support to the wearer during movement, increasing spinal stability.

ikei logo

Ikei aims to provide a low-cost, high-precision nutrient monitoring system for more efficient use of water and nutrients in hydroponic agriculture, and reduction of waste-water release. 

RentAdvisor logo

With RentAdvisor, we want to create an online platform to rent apartment that is simpler, safer and more pleasant to use than the current solutions available on the market. We want our user to have all the tools necessary to find the apartment in which they will feel comfortable.

Sandbox Cycling

At Sandbox Cycling, we offer a proven roadmap to becoming a world-class cyclist, trusted by Tour de France athletes across ages and genders. This roadmap encompasses everything from nutrition to training intensity distribution to biomechanics. Imagine having access to training secrets backed by multiple studies, all in a reliable app that effortlessly keeps track of your workouts. 

Tailor logo

Tailor provides a platform for young job applicants to accelerate their job hunt. Tailor gives users the relevant tools & information to help them optimize 3 important things that currently take too much time: resume tailoring, researching & networking. We are a team of 4 McGill students/alumni who are taking on the challenge of helping you craft a dream career. Our goal is to deliver speed and information to help our users take control of their job hunt.

TissueTinker logo

TissueTinker is an early-stage biotech venture developing in vitro tumor and organ models to pre-screen cancer therapeutic drug candidates and to use our platform to develop therapeutics for rare cancers. We are a team of 4 master's students with backgrounds in various fields including tissue engineering, chemical engineering, biomaterials, nanotechnology, therapeutic device development, medical design, and regulation. 

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