Sustainable Labs Working Group

The Sustainable Labs Working Group (a working group of the University Lab Safety Committee) was established in October 2014, bringing together students, staff and faculty working to embed sustainability considerations into lab-operations and design. The working group is guided by the University’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy and other Plans & Policies related to sustainability.

SLWG Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

Engage the University community in sustainable lab operations and design; promote and recognize efforts to reduce energy, material, and water consumption, manage waste, maximise cost savings and improve safety and accessibility in labs.

- Approved by the SLWG 3 October 2022

Reporting Structure

The Sustainable Laboratory Working Group reports to the University Laboratory Safety Committee (ULSC).


Members (ex-officio)

  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Procurement Services
  • VP Research Office
  • McGill Office of Sustainability
  • Utilities and Energy Management
  • Department of Building & Grounds
  • McGill Green Lab Initiatives
  • Design Services (ad hoc)


  • Work with staff, students and faculties to embed sustainability considerations into laboratory design, processes and practice, in close collaboration with ULSC.
  • Support implementation of relevant actions in McGill's Climate & Sustainability Strategy such as Research & Education, Waste Management, Buildings & Utilities, and Procurement.
  • Develop and regularly update guidance and resources for lab users (researchers, students, trainees and lab managers) to support sustainable decision-making and practices in laboratories.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on lab sustainability initiatives and engagement programs at McGill.
  • Submit an annual report to the ULSC based on the working group activities from September to June of current fiscal year.
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