Radiation Safety

Radiation safety at McGill is strictly regulated. The University has instituted policies, controls and services to insure all University and affiliated institution activities involving radioactive materials are performed in such a way as to protect students, staff, patients, and the general public from radiation exposure and/or contamination.

Radiation Safety Services

Find out what services we offer to the McGill community.

Spill Emergency Response

Procedures for dealing with radioisotope radioisotope spills.

Radioisotope Purchasing

How to obtain radioisotopes at McGill, including how to getĀ an internal radiation permit and how to purchase radioisotopes.

Radioactive Waste Disposal

The Hazardous Waste Management office explains how to properly manage and store radioactive wastes of various kinds.

Radiation Safety Manual

McGill'sĀ policies on radiation are detailed in the Radiation Safety Manual, Edition 7.0.


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This information is intended to provide a reference to current regulations and to serve as a guide to acceptable methods of practice. It is not intended to serve as an introduction in radiation safety. Workers new to the field must attend the first available radiation safety training course offered before the start of radiation work.

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