ECP Research

Research is an integral part of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP). Explore ECP's research labs and teams, classified into three broad reference categories. Many research projects within these teams may span more than one category.

Psychology & Health

Bilingualism Experience Education (BEE) Lab

BEE Lab Logo

Understanding bilingualism as a life and learning experience throughout the lifespan.

Director: Dr. Gigi Luk


Child Interviewing & Witness Lab

Child Interviewing and Witness Lab Logo

Investigating disclosure processes and forensic interviewing methods with children.

Director: Dr. Shanna Williams

McGill Mindfulness Research Lab (MMRL)


Investigating the impacts of mindfulness on physical and mental health and social well-being.

Director: Dr. Bassam Khoury

Motivation, Identity, Learning, and Education in STEM (MILES) Lab


Understanding the psychology behind students’ motivation and motivationally supportive practices.

Director: Dr. Kristy A. Robinson

Resilience, Adversity, and Childhood Trauma Research Lab (ReACT)

ReACT Logo

Investigating issues surrounding children’s experiences of adversity and maltreatment.

Director: Dr. Rachel Langevin

Social-Emotional Development Research Group (SED-RG)


Exploring the effects of social connectedness and nurturing learning environments.

Director: Dr. Chiaki Konishi

Healthy Development Research Laboratory (HealthyDev)


Understanding individual and group level vulnerabilities for service utilization. (A collaboration with Université de Sherbrooke's Département de psychoéducation)

Director: Caroline Temcheff

Youth Cognition & Behaviour

Talwar Child Development Research Laboratory

Talwar Lab Logo

Understanding children’s peer social interactions, truth-telling and lie-telling, eyewitness testimony, and concepts of false-belief.

Director: Dr. Victoria Talwar

Talwar Child Development Research Lab

International Centre for Youth Gambling and High-Risk Behaviours

Man on Laptop

Understanding and providing research-based treatment for youth gambling addiction and issues.

Director: Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky


Childhood Anxiety and Regulation of Emotions (C.A.R.E.) Research Group

C.A.R.E. Logo

Advocating for the implementation of school-based mental health practices for children.

Director: Dr. Tina C. Montreuil


Development and Intrapersonal Resilience (DAIR) Research Team


Addressing issues of mental health resilience in students of all ages.

Director: Dr. Nancy Heath

McGill Youth Study Team (MYST)

Students studying

Examining school success (academic, social, and emotional) in youth with cognitive difficulties and with youth in Indigenous communities.

Director: Dr. Jacob Burack


Learning and Education

Advanced Technologies for Learning in Authentic Settings (ATLAS)


Designing and assessing new technologies that support learning across disciplines.

Director: Dr. Susanne Lajoie


Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) Research Group

Woman with Space Background

Exploring psychological development in academic and health contexts.

Director: Dr. Nathan Hall


Technology Learning and Cognition (TLC) Lab

Woman on Advanced Computer

Investigating how technology augments the learning process.

Director: Dr. Adam Dubé


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