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The following is a listing of core faculty members in the Learning Sciences program. For a complete list of all faculty and their supervisory areas please consult the ECP faculty listing.

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Krista Muis

Professor; Canada Research Chair, Tier II

Graduate Program Director


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Self-regulated learning, epistemic cognition, motivation, emotions, mathematics and science learning.

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.

Maria Cutumisu

Associate Professor

Office Phone TBC

maria.cutumisu [at] mcgill.ca (Email)maria.cutumisu [at] mcgill.ca ( )Profile

Feedback processing and memory, machine learning and educational data mining for automated feedback generation, game-based assessments that support learning, computational thinking and data literacy, AI in games.

Research website: Assessment of Learning and Transfer Lab (ALERT) 

***Note: ALERT Lab website is currently housed within another university's web ecosystem. The McGill-based lab website is in progress.***

Adam Dubé

Assistant Professor


adam.dube [at] mcgill.ca (Email) | Profile

Educational technology, cognition, cognitive development, child-tablet computer interaction, conceptual knowledge acquisition and application, development of mathematical cognition, problem solving.


Professor Nathan Hall

Nathan Hall

Associate Professor


nathan.c.hall [at] mcgill.ca (Email) | Profile

Evaluation of achievement motivation theories; consequences of motivational strategies and discrete emotions on long-term health, motivation, and achievement outcomes in young and older adults; development of innovative motivational programs for at-risk students in higher education.

Research website: Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) Research Group


Michael Hoover

Associate Professor


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Design and analysis of online university learning, Activity Systems Theory in online and multilingual educational contexts, creating online communities of inquiry.

Research website: The Online Learning Research Team

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.

Professor Lajoie

Susanne Lajoie

Professor, Canadian Research Chair, Tier 1


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Application of cognitive theories to the design of computer based learning environments across disciplines; the role of emotion in learning; medical problem solving; team effectiveness; collaborative learning; human and computer tutoring; empathy, decision making and communication.

Research websites: Advanced Technologies for Learning in Authentic Settings (ATLAS) Lab
LEADS (Learning Environments across Disciplines)

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.

Nikki Lobzcowski

Assistant Professor


nikki.lobczowski [at] mcgill.ca (Email) | Profile

Collaborative learning; Designing educational technologies; Social regulation of learning; Academic emotions; Math education.

Kristy Robinson

Assistant Professor


kristy.robinson [at] mcgill.ca (Email) | Profile

Development of achievement motivation, instructional supports for motivation, emotions in education, STEM education.

Laura Winer

Associate Professor (Professional) NTT


laura.winer [at] mcgill.ca (Email )Profile

Higher education with a focus on evaluation of teaching, instructor support strategies, and assessment of student learning.

Note: Not accepting any students for Fall 2024 admission.




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