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This page is designed to help answer registration questions.

If you are having trouble registering or are not sure about a particular procedure, consult the information below before contacting the Department with questions.


All students


How can I find my courses on Minerva?

To search for courses offered by ECP on Minerva, students should follow the following path to review to find our Department's offerings for a given semester.

  • Go into your Registration Menu
  • Select 'Search Class Schedule and Add Course Sections'
  • Choose the appropriate semester
  • Select the relevant Subject codes (EDPC, EDPE, EDPI, EDPH, EDPT, EDSP) and click on 'Get Course Sections'

Following the above steps will show you all courses offered by ECP for the given Subject Codes selected.

Please note that you do not need to select a Faculty when searching the class schedule. If you did select a faculty, by choosing 'Faculty of Education' you would only receive undergraduate (500-level and below) courses, while choosing 'Graduate Studies' will yield only graduate (600-level and above) courses. If do not select a faculty, you will see both undergraduate and graduate offerings.

Selecting 'Faculty of Education' when searching for graduate-level courses is a common error made by graduate students. As all graduate level programs are administered by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS), the faculty to select is Graduate Studies and not Education, despite our Department being a member of the Faculty of Education.

What do I do if I'm having trouble registering?

If you are unable to register for a particular course offered by ECP (courses beginning with the Course Numbers EDPC, EDPE, EDPI, EDPH, EDPT or EDSP), regardless of what program you are enrolled in, please send an email to [at] (for 600-level or 700-level courses) or [at] (for 200-599 level courses) with the below information to resolve the issue.

It is important to send us all of the information outlined below to have your request processed in a timely fashion.

  • Your Student Info
    • Name
    • ID Number
    • Program of Study
    • Year in your Program (ex: U3, Final Year, MA1)
  • Course Information
    • Course Name
    • Course Number and Section
    • CRN
    • Term Registering For
  • Registration Issue
    • A cut and paste of the Error message received
  • Justification
    • Reason you are taking the course

Before contacting the Department, please make sure to have verified you are enrolling in the correct section of the course you'd like to take. For example, EDPI 341 - Instruction in Inclusive Schools, has sections dedicated specifically to students in certain B.Ed. programs and Certificate programs. If you try to enroll in a section that is not your own, you will receive an error and be blocked from doing so.


Special registration

Can I take a course or two if not enrolled in a program? (Registration as a Special Student)?

If you are not currently enrolled in any degree program at McGill and are interested in taking one or more courses as a Special Student, please visit our Register for an ECP Course as a Special Student page.


Graduate students



What are registration dates for newly-admitted & returning students?

Also included on Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Registration page is information on dates and procedures for registration for newly-admitted and returning students. Registration opens earlier for returning students than for newly-admitted students.


CRN & student status

What is the general registration CRN?

As a graduate student (Master's and Doctoral), regardless of how many courses being taken in a given semester (including none), you are required to confirm your graduate student status by registering for general registration CRNs for the Fall and Winter semesters. Thesis students, along with any students taking summer courses, must also register for a Summer semester general registration CRN. Such registration is vital for maintaining eligibility for funding, processing leaves of absence, maintaining insurance, and maintaining access to library and campus resources, including the Education Building during off-hours. For example, doctoral students who have completed their course work and are working on their research/thesis must register for these CRNs to confirm their status as Full-Time Graduate Students.

These CRNs are subject to change and all students should be aware that they are responsible for checking Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Registration page for these numbers, along with the precise dates for registration and other pertinent information. If you do not register by the deadline of August 14th of the year in question, you will be charged a late fee.

General Registration CRNs:

  • Summer  - REGN RCGR 72
  • Fall  - REGN RCGR 2334
  • Winter  - REGN RCGR 2262

What is my status if I'm moving from a Bachelor's to a Masters or a Masters to a PhD this Year?

If you are graduating from a program at McGill this year and will be starting a new graduate program in the Fall, your status is that of a newly-admitted student, since you were newly admitted to your Master's or Doctoral program, even if you've been at McGill for the past two years (or longer). As such, it is imperative that you respect the registration dates as indicated by GPS and not register for any courses or confirm your graduate student status until the 10th of July to avoid problems with your student account or the processing of your application.

Can I register for the same course twice? What if I do not complete a course on time?

Under no circumstance is a student permitted to enroll in the same course twice. If you are in a program that requires you to attend a course over two years (for example: EDPE 600D1/D2 for School/Applied Child Psychology students) you must register for the course in your first year of the program only and attend the course throughout the first two years (reminders on registration and grading will be communicated by the Department). Final grades will be submitted upon completion of two years in the course.

In special circumstances warranting such, students may be eligible for an extension to the standard course requirement deadlines (as outlined in your course syllabus). Such students must meet with their instructor to arrange for an extension that includes a firm date for completion of the requirements, which is administerd by the completion of a K contract signed by both the student and instructor, and is then reviewed by the Graduate Program Director. Information on K (Incomplete) and other grades can be found in GPS' Grading and Grade Point Averages page. Copies of the K contract are provided by the Department.

If you have received or will receive a K grade (or a KE grade, which is a further extension) for a course, you must not register for this course again in a future semester. If you do so, this second registration cannot be stricken from your record and will have a grade of KK assigned to it. This is a grade indicating 'completion requirement waived.' It is not counted in your GPA.


Individual Reading Course registration

How do I register for an individual reading course? 

On a case-by-case basis, graduate students may ask for or be asked to enroll in an Individual Reading Course for any number of reasons. If, after having discussed the matter with your Supervisor, it is determined that you will be taking an Individual Reading Course, you must submit to the Department a completed Contractual Agreement for Reading Courses. The form must be signed off on by the student, the Instructor responsible for overseeing and grading the course, as well as your program's Program Director. Please note, only full-time ranked faculty may supervise reading courses.

Once submitted, a member of the ECP staff will email you instructions on registering. As with any other course, you must submit the form in time to enroll by the relevant Add/Drop deadline to avoid paying a late fee. Reading courses can be taken as Pass/Fail or standard grading system (letter grades).

Please note that the Course Number field, as indicated on the form, will be filled out by the Department upon submission.


Doctoral students

Doctoral programs

How do I register for the Comprehensive Examination?

As part of a student's doctoral training, all students must complete a Comprehensive Examination. The Comprehensive Examination procedures and course numbers vary by program (EDPC 701 for Counselling Psychology students, EDPE 708 for School/Applied Child Psychology and Educational Psychology students), however the registration process remains the same. While students do not need to complete their Comprehensive Exam at specific points in a given semester, students must enroll for their program's Comprehensive Examination in advance for the semester they intend to complete it in. For example, if you are intending to complete the Comprehensive Exam in November, you must enroll in the course by the Add/Drop Deadline for the Fall registration period in mid-September. If you do not, you will be charged a late fee for manual registration.

How do I register for the Doctoral Proposal Preparation and Defense?

Applies to Counselling Psychology Doctoral students

Students in the Doctoral Program of Counselling Psychology must also enroll in a full-year, 6 credit course for their Doctoral Proposal Preparation and Defense (Colloque). The course numbers are EDPC 786D1 and D2. The registration procedure for the Doctoral Proposal Preparation and Defense follows the same principals as the Comprehensive Examination. If you will be completing your Proposal Defense during the 2011-12 Academic Year, for example, you must register for both the D1 and D2 sections of EDPC 786 by the Add/Drop Deadline of the Fall 2011 registration period. If you do not, you will be charged a late fee for manual registration.

If you will be completing your Doctoral Proposal Defense in the Summer semester, please be in touch with your Supervisor and the [at] (ECP Administrative Office) in advance to advise and resolve any registration issues.


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