About Us

The Fall 2016 edition of Dialogues,
newsletter of the Department
f Educational and Counselling Psychology


The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP) is committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge through research and practice in education and psychology. ECP addresses cognition and development in typical and atypical populations across the lifespan. Broadly speaking researchers examine issues pertaining to assessment and intervention, cognitive processes and developmental neuroscience, and the design and evaluation of learning environments and instructional practices. View research labs, centres, and activities on our Research page.

Our clientele normally includes (but is not restricted to) students who are engaged in or aspire to careers in: academic and research settings; professional psychology (counselling and school); and specialized and innovative teaching, educational research, development and leadership at all levels (e.g., schools, colleges and universities, school boards, ministries of education), and in other settings in which the education we offer has direct applications (e.g., staff development and patient or client education in CLSCs, social services, hospitals and industry).

The Department offers:

    Graduate programs
    Professional development
    Undergraduate minor concentrations