McGill Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic

The McGill Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic is a teaching and training unit of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education at McGill University.

Through its training activities, the Clinic provides low cost psychological services to people seeking both counselling and psychoeducational assessments.


The purpose of the Clinic is to provide an on-site setting for practicum training and research. The Clinic is used primarily by the Counselling Psychology and School/Applied Child Psychology programs. The Clinic is currently comprised of a number of private offices, a waiting room, and a Trainee office.


The Clinic offers supervised assessment and counselling services to Quebec residents residing in the Greater Montreal area. Clients may be referred by schools, community agencies, or by professionals including psychologists, social workers, counsellors, and physicians. However, clients may also contact the Clinic directly and make a self-referral for a psychoeducational assessment or counselling services.

  • Clinic services are offered by master's and doctoral students in our two accredited psychology programs (School/Applied Child Psychology and Counselling Psychology), as part of their clinical training. All services are provided under the supervision of qualified and accredited professors in the Department.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we are not equipped to provide assessments for autism spectrum disorder, counselling/therapy services or vocational/career assessments to children or adolescents.
  • Services provided at the Clinic are in tandem with professional training and often support the research of our students and faculty.
  • Services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis (see below). Due to high demand, and the specific constraints of our program, only a limited number of clients can be seen each year.
  • The Clinic operates only during the Fall and Winter semesters (September - April). If you are looking for other Montreal-area services between May and August, we may be able to provide a referral. Please contact us by email ( [at] or by phone at 514-398-4641 during regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Clinic director: Dr. Judith Norton

Mailing Address:
McGill Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic
Education Building
3700 McTavish, Room 614
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1Y2

Services offered

Psychoeducational Assessments: The Clinic offers comprehensive psychoeducational assessments to children and adolescents, ages 6-20. All assessments and final reports will be provided in English.  Please note that the Clinic is not equipped to complete psychoeducational assessments for students who primarily study in French or who require a report to be written in French. In these cases, potential clients are referred to the Centre de services psychologiques at UQAM or La Clinique universitaire de psychologie du département de psychologie de l'Université de Montréal.  Assessments will predominately take place on Thursdays between 8:30 am – 2:30 pm. Otherwise, pending availability, they may be conducted on weekdays between 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.  The waitlist for assessments is full for this academic year.  Please check back for updates.  

Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Clinic offers counselling and psychotherapy services to adults (18+) experiencing significant difficulties with social, vocational, or interpersonal matters. Counselling services will be provided in English. If services in French are required,  potential clients will be referred to the Centre de services psychologiques at UQAM or La Clinique universitaire de psychologie du département de psychologie de l'Université de Montréal.  The waitlist for our counselling program is full for this academic year. Please check back for updates. 

For more information please [at] (email )the Clinic Coordinator. To make a request for service, fill out the registration request form.

Please note, our waitlist is full. This form will be accessible when we are accepting additional clients.

Making a request for service

To make a request for service, fill out the registration request form.  - Please note, our waitlist is full. This form will be accessible when we are accepting additional clients.

  1. Requests for service can be made by the individual or, in the case of children under 14 years, by the parent or legal guardian of the child. Parents of children over the age of 14 years may call the Clinic to make a request for services, however, during the intake assessment, children aged 14 years and over will be required to provide informed consent for services.
  2. Callers will need to state the type of service being requested (i.e., psychoeducational assessment or counselling) and provide basic contact information. Callers should provide a daytime phone number and will be asked to specify whether messages can be left at the phone number(s) provided.
  3. Once the request for services has been made, potential clients will be placed on the appropriate Clinic waitlist. Occasionally, the waitlist reaches its limit and we suspend taking on additional prospective clients. In these cases, if services are urgently required, we are usually able to provide referrals. When a client requires services that are not available in the Clinic, a referral to an appropriate service is usually made.
  4. When services are available, potential clients will be contacted by of one our trainees who will conduct a brief screening interview to determine whether the clinic's resources are suited to the client's requests. A first meeting is usually made at that time. Please note that the waitlist time between initial contact and the first meeting can sometimes be lengthy.

Please Note: Clinic services are in high demand and not all requests can be accommodated. Our current waitlist time for psychoeducational assessments is approximately 12 months and counselling services is approximately 6-12 months. The waitlist for psychoeducational assessments and counselling services is full for this academic year. Callers will be notified when making a request for service and appropriate referrals may be provided.

Clinic fees policy

Clients of the Clinic are charged fees for services rendered.  We now offer a sliding fee scale. Once contacted for intake, client's will be required to complete a financial assessment and submit proof of total household income.  The cost of service will be determined by your total income and number of dependents.  

A receipt will be provided for every payment. Given that the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic is a training facility, depending on each individual client's insurance plan, trainee services may or may not be considered an eligible insurance claim. Potential clients are encouraged to check with their insurance provider prior to the initial appointment. In the case that a client cannot afford to pay the assigned fees (see below for fee structure and payments) they may be eligible for the Clinic Fee Reduction/Fee Waiver policy. During the brief screening interview, trainees may provide more information regarding the Clinic's policy.

Psychoeducational Assessment Fees: The sliding fee scale for a complete psychoeducational assessment ranges from $200 - $1800. The total fee will be collected in two installments: Half at the end of the second meeting and half at the final assessment meeting, yet prior to the feedback session. Trainees will provide clients with further details during the initial appointment.

Counselling Fees: the sliding fee scale for counselling services ranges from $20 - $80 per session.  Services provided are charged on a session by session basis. Fees will be collected at the end of each session.

Please Note: Clinic services are in high demand and not all requests can be accommodated. Our current waitlist for psychoeducational assessments and the counselling services is full for this academic year. Callers will be notified when making a request for service and appropriate referrals may be provided.

Clinic policy on completion of CRA Disability Tax Credit Certificate (form T2201)

Due to time-sensitive nature of clinical work, our clinical staff are unable to complete CRA Disability Tax Credit Certificate (form T2201) for clients that have terminated services with us. Disability tax credit certificates will only be completed for active clients (clients who are currently receiving counselling or assessment services at our Clinic), upon request of the client.

Please note that completion of form T2201 cannot be done during the assessment or counselling session, nor can it be completed while the client is in the waiting room. Processing a request can take up to 4 weeks. Please consult with your psychologist in training to request the completion of a CRA Disability Tax Credit Certificate (form T2201).

All clients who have terminated services with our Clinic, should contact their primary care physician for completion of form T2201, as primary care providers are typically in the best position to be aware of the client’s overall current health status. Clients who do not have a primary care physician should contact their local CLSC. Our Clinic can send a copy of the client’s psychoeducational report (assessment clients) or termination report (counselling clients) to the CLSC or primary care physician for their review.

Location & parking

The Clinic is located in the basement (B) level of the Education Building at 3700 McTavish. The Education Building can be entered from both the front doors at 3700 McTavish and the side doors which are located on the north side of the building. The side doors can easily be accessed from both McTavish and Peel.

Driving: The 3700 block of McTavish can only be accessed by car by heading east on Dr. Penfield and turning left up McTavish Street. ** You cannot access the 3700 block of McTavish from Sherbrooke, as the lower portion of McTavish is for pedestrian traffic only**

Public Transportation: The Clinic is located a short uphill walk from the Peel Metro station. It is also accessible from a number of bus routes (e.g., 24, 144). For a complete list of public transportation options please refer to the STM website.

Parking: There is limited parking on the streets located around the Education Building (Peel Street, McTavish Street and Avenue des Pins) and availability is highly unpredictable. Paid parking is also available in the lower levels of the Education Building and can be accessed at 3700 McTavish. Further information on McGill visitor parking can be found here.

Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic Committee

The role of the Clinic Advisory Committee (CAC) is to assist the Clinic Director in matters of policy and procedures relative to the operations of the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic. Clinic policies and procedures are set by the Director in conjunction with the CAC. The advisory committee also vets projected clinic expenses.  The CAC is made up of faculty representation from the Counselling Psychology and School Psychology programs, a representative from the community (Dr. V. Romano – a licensed psychologist and adjunct faculty) and four student representatives, two from the School Psychology program and two from the Counselling Psychology program. The Clinic Coordinator is also a CAC member. Students registered in courses that use the Clinic may bring up concerns, requests, or problems to their respective student representative or directly to the Clinic Director for discussion at our advisory meetings.  Students may, with prior notice, also attend meetings. The advisory group convenes 2 – 4 times a year.

Members of the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic Committee:
Dr. Judith Norton, Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic Director
Ms. Shelay Paris, Clinic and Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Coordinator
Dr. Shanna Williams, School/Applied Child Psychology Program Representative
Dr. Tina Montreuil, Chair of Assessment Materials Resource Centre
Dr. Eve-Marie Quintin, school/Applied Child Psychology Faculty Representative 
Dr. Vera Romano, Course Lecturer
Dr. Rachel Langevin, Counselling Psychology Faculty Representative 
Ms. Audrey Mariamo - Counselling Psychology PHD Student Representative
Ms. Olivia Gunther - Counselling Psychology MA (Project Stream) Student Representative
Ms. Erika Infantino  - School/Applied Child Psychology MA Student Representative
Ms. Samantha Wong - School/Applied Child Psychology PhD Student Representative


Alternate Counselling and Assessment Resources

 For information or to request a service, please [at] (email) or call: 514-398-4641 to speak to the Clinic Coordinator.


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