Michael L. Hoover

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Associate Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)

Michael L. Hoover
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michael.hoover [at] mcgill.ca
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Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Professor Hoover's academic background is in theoretical linguistics and experimental psychology, which reflects his research interest in psycholinguistics, socio-cultural and online learning environment, the use of indigenous languages in schools and teacher training for indigenous teachers in Canada and South America.  In trying to understand how first nations teachers who were highly literate in their second language learned to be literate in the first led Prof. Hoover to a reconceptualization of the issue in terms of language as an artifact rather than as an object of learning, leading to approaching pedagogy from a strongly Vygotskyan perspective.  In addition, he is currently interested in investigating cultural aspects of learning, using models based on Vygotsky’s cultural-historical theory of learning. Therefore, the current research projects focus on two broad areas of interest: multicultural contexts, and the use of online technologies.

Prof Hoover currently supervises five (5) enthusiastic PhD candidates/students in related fields. Potential students are welcome to visit our research group website, SCOL, for more details.


Ph.D., Columbia University

M.Phil., Columbia University

M.A. Columbia University

B.Sc., Tulane University

Research areas: 
Design and analysis of online university learning
Activity systems theory in online and multilingual educational contexts
Creating online communities of inquiry
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