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After having consulted the Department's and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' (GPS) Registration Information page, here you will find information on your specific courses of study throughout the program. Students are required to consult with their supervisor's about complementary or any additional course requirements for their specific research topic prior to registration. The information below lays out optimal course sequencing to complete your degree's course requirements.

Information about fees, fines, and other charges can be found on the Students Accounts website.

MA in Educational Psychology

Fall 2020 - Winter 2021

Most students do not take any courses in their 2nd year of the program but must confirm their status as graduate students and enroll in the Thesis courses listed below seeking to fulfill 12 credits per term. Some students have conditions of admission which may require them to complete EDPE 575 - Educational Measurement in the first year, as such, they will be required to take EDPE 676 - Intermediate Statistics in the Fall and EDPE 682 - Univariate/Multivariate Statistics in the Winter of their second year of the program. Again, students should meet with their supervisors to review course selection before the start of term.

The following Thesis Courses must be completed during your two-years of study:

EDPE 604 - Thesis 1 - Fall CRN 18862; Winter CRN 16301 (3 credits)
EDPE 607 - Thesis 2 - Fall CRN 18863; Winter CRN 16303 (3 credits)
EDPE 693 - Thesis 3 - Fall CRN 18884; Winter CRN 16324 (3 credits) 
EDPE 694 - Thesis 4 - Fall CRN 18885; Winter CRN 16325 (3 credits)
EDPE 695 - Thesis 5 - Fall CRN 18886; Winter CRN 16326 (6 credits)
EDPE 696 - Thesis 6 - Fall CRN 18887; Winter CRN: 16327 (6 credits)


PhD in Educational Psychology

Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Fall 2020-Winter 2021

Doctoral students who completed EDPE 676 - Intermediate Statistics and EDPE 682 - Univariate/Multivariate Statistics in their Master's degree can enroll in EDPE 684 - Applied Multivariate Statistics during their first year in the program.


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