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Learning Sciences

Core Content Areas & Corresponding Courses

Core Content Areas and Corresponding Courses of the McGill Learning Sciences M.Ed., M.A. and Ph.D. Programs

Three Tenure-Track Positions at the Assistant Professor Rank


The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology invites applications for three tenure-track positions in the following areas at the Assistant Professor rank starting as early as Augu/edu...

Courses and Timetables

On this page: Course Sequencing | MEd Learning Sciences Concentration Schedules 

Learning Sciences alumni profiles

On this page:  Eric Poitras, Phd '14 | Reza Feyzi-Behnagh, Phd '14 |Laura Naismith, PhD '13  | Aliki Thomas, PhD '11 | Salman Mufti, PhD '10 | Jonghwi Park, PhD '09 | Krista C. Ritchie, PhD '09 |...

Learning Sciences forms & guidelines

  This pages contains resources for current Learning Sciences students.

Learning Sciences courses & timetables

On this page: MA in Learning Sciences | MEd in Learning Sciences | PhD in Learning Sciences Registration

MEd Concentrations in Educational Psychology program overview

On this page: Director's Message | Research Project vs. Course-based Concentrations |Advantages of the Research Project | Contact...


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