2015 McGill Dobson Cup Award Winners

Innovation Driven Enterprise Track

Ava Orthopedics | 1st place

We are dedicated to driving orthopedics innovations to market. We are developing a novel high strength fully porous structural biomaterial for bone replacing implants that seamlessly match the structure of the natural bone to deliver long term success, enriching patients’ lives, and reducing health care costs.

E-Innovation | 2nd place  

Advanced sensors for real time analysis, improving the way people perform measurements.

Chic Marie Inc. | 3rd place

Chic Marie’s vision is to become the Canadian leaded in luxury rental of designer clothes and accessories. We offer professional women the possibility of rolling over their wardrobe with luxury items as often as they want.  Chic Marie will be their virtual closet in the cloud!

ScopeSys | 4th place

ScopeSys develops sample preparation technology and instrumentation that overcome major challenges in genetic analysis. Its proprietary nanotechnology revolutionizes sample preparation for next-generation DNA sequencing and other diagnostics and will make personalized medicine cheaper, faster, and more reliable – and, in some cases, possible at all.

Small and Medium Enterprise Track

Tailor2Go | 1st place  

Introducing innovative convenient shopping experiences.  We make customized outerwear and meet customers at their locations.  Our mobile, solar-­powered truck is configured with a 3D scanner, allowing us to get 360­degree  measurements of your body in under 5 seconds.  Customers can feel the fabric and design anything in less than 10 minutes.  Fit guaranteed and  delivered in 3 weeks.

Pulse | 2nd place

Providing the everyday fitness enthusiast with a complete and stress free solution to their total fitness regimen. We put a unique spin on the current trends of fitness customization, to craft a unique offering of nutrition and exercise programs, tailored to the customer’s attributes and goals.

Prime Mate Beverages Inc. | 3rd place

Prime Mate Beverages Inc. manufactures, markets, and distributes Prime Mate, a refreshing Yerba mate soda.

Groundit | 4th place

Quebecers are increasingly asking for organic products and coffee shops want a greener image.  Our innovative solution:  Groundit!  In other words, redirect coffee grounds from landfills and put them back into the ground.  Our affordable premium compost will boost local agricultural economy and decrease the carbon footprint of Montreal’s coffee market.                                      

Social Enterprise Track

Saniter | 1st place

Saniter is an integrated sanitation and power solution for rural India; a portable toilet is provided to households along with a waste collection service. Waste is converted to biogas, electricity & fertilizer. Our customer-oriented service eliminates open defecation, one family at a time.

The Soular Backpack | 2nd  place

A backpack that channels the energy of the sun into creating a brighter future for every child!

Turning Point Montreal | 3rd  place

Turning Point Montreal is a social recruitment agency that connects shelters, transitioning homeless individuals and potential employers.  TPM facilitates employment of transitioning individuals by allowing potential employers to access the record of accountability and work ethics of the transitioning individuals from their volunteer and job training experiences.

Blossom | 4th place

Blossom is the world's first reusable female condom that empowers women in developing countries, by protecting against HIV, STIs, and unwanted pregnancies. It gives women control over their body and health, is more pleasurable and cost-effective compared to existing products, and finally helps ensure sustained access to contraception and protection.

Grit Prize


AD&GO’s pay to drive program offers a unique opportunity for the advertisers to create a fleet of cars to promote brands and provides innovative online tools to manage the fleet in the most cost efficient way. Participating drivers will enjoy the benefits of earning passive income by driving to and from work.


FlueTRU is a bioengineering firm that owns an innovative and economically advantageous solution for the greenhouse industry. The technology purifies the smoke exhaust from biomass heating systems to provide a heated and clean source of CO2 that increases crop yield and reduces heating cost. 

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