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ELEVATE: Dressed for Success

Marina Sonin earned a DEC and a Master’s degree in fashion design, has experience working and designing in Montreal, New York and Florence, and always knew she wanted to start a business. So when she enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship at the School, she did so with the idea of starting her own retail store.

Published: 3 Aug 2015

The Next Page: Diego Baus: Premier in Project Management

Diego Baus may not know it, but at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies, he’s considered a trailblazer. That’s because he was the first student to complete the School’s newest online course, Project Management: Practice and Certification.

Published: 31 Jul 2015

The Next Page: Hosting the World Leaders of Tomorrow

The summer of 2015 marked the first time McGill’s School of Continuing Studies hosted the World Bank – McGill International Professional Development Program for Parliamentary Staff. Participants came from all over the world, representing 16 countries.

Published: 22 Jul 2015

The Montreal Gazette: MCLL offers lifelong learning options

Readers who enjoyed Donna Nebenzahl’s [Montreal Gazette] article “Finding happiness in retirement” (July 18, 2015) will be interested to hear that we have a marvellous opportunity for easily accessible lifelong learning at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL),...

Published: 21 Jul 2015

The Next Page: Andrea Emrick: Online and en français

Andrea Emrick was part of the very first cohort to receive the Certificate of Proficiency in Written French – Workplace Communication (Online).

“I was looking to work in a French environment, and I think I could do that now. For anyone that would be hesitant or skeptical of taking an online course, this is it.”

Published: 15 Jul 2015

The Next Page: Richard Pagé: Updating his Professional Profile

Richard Pagé managed to stand out among his fellow alumni graduating from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies with the class of 2015. How did he do it? By posting the following update on LinkedIn: “Today is the day that I obtain my Graduate Certificate in Marketing from McGill University School of Continuing Studies.”

Published: 15 Jul 2015

The Next Page: Special Delivery for Mayor Denis Coderre

The McGill University School of Continuing Studies’ Translation and Written Communication unit has made a special delivery to the city of Montreal and Mayor Denis Coderre; the Hebrew version of the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. It is the sixth translation provided by McGill.

Published: 9 Jul 2015

The Next Page Newsletter: 2015 Issue 2

Get inspired! The latest issue of the McGill SCS Newsletter is all about Celebrating Success!

Read more on The Next Page.

Published: 30 Jun 2015

The Next Page: Stephanie Jonah: Finding her Place

Stephanie Jonah is a Cree woman from Waskaganish who works as a project administrator. Although she loves her job, she’d been looking for an opportunity to return to school and pursue higher education....

Published: 29 Jun 2015

Mr. René Dussault, first president of the OPQ: Success only makes sense if we contribute to society

The Honourable René Dussault, distinguished jurist and humanitarian, received his honorary doctorate (Doctor of Laws) on May 26, 2015 during McGill's School of Continuing Studies' convocation ceremony.

Published: 23 Jun 2015

McGill Yogurt Maker Builds Cult Following

Adam Coape-Arnold, a graduate of the McGill School of Continuing Studies' Entrepreneurship program, is building a following with Cult Yogourt.

Read more in The Gazette.

Published: 23 Jun 2015

Committed interculturalist awarded the McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Intercultural communication is certainly one way of describing translation in today’s globalized world. And that description is particularly fitting for Yvan Larrivée, who is the 2015 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (English-French). Mr....

Published: 19 Jun 2015

A family tradition culminates in the McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Family histories have a real influence on career choices. This is particularly true of Berdj Garabedian, who is the 2015 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French-English). Mr. Garabedian received this distinction at the spring graduation ceremony when he was awarded his Certificate in Translation.

Published: 19 Jun 2015

The Next Page: SPEAKing of Success…

Members of the MCLL (McGill Community for Lifelong Learning) and students of IELC and IFLC (Intensive English and French language courses) gathered to honour those who served and continue to serve as volunteers in the SPEAK and Brainy Bar programs....

Published: 18 Jun 2015

The Next Page: Natalie Zhayvoronok: A Better Career, and a Better Future

Natalie Zhayvoronok had a double-major in Translation and Education when she arrived in Montreal from her native Ukraine in the summer of 2010. She was planning to continue her career as an ESL teacher, but instead discovered that she couldn’t simply pick up where she left off.

Read more on The Next Page, the School of Continuing Studies' newsletter.

Published: 12 Jun 2015


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