Departmental Chair

Prof. Dima Perepichka, Chair
Office: OM 327
Phone: (514)398-6940
Email: Dmitrii.Perepichka [at] McGill.CA

Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Sam Sewall, Director
Office: OM 118
Email: Advisor.Chemistry [at] McGill.CA

Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Prof. Gonzalo Cosa, Director
Office: P&P 109-A
Phone: (514)398-6932
Email: Gonzalo.Cosa [at] McGill.CA




Name Information Picture
Andrews, Mark Position: Professor
Office: OM 335A
Phone: (514)398-4459
Email: Mark.Andrews [at] McGill.CA
Mark Andrews
Ariya, Parisa Position: Professor
Office: OM 421
Phone: (514)398-6931
Email: Parisa.Ariya [at] McGill.CA
Parisa Ariya
Arndtsen, Bruce Position: Professor
Office: OM 212A
Phone: (514)398-6236
Email: Bruce.Arndtsen [at] McGill.CA
Bruce Arndtsen
Auclair, Karine Position: Professor
Office: OM 422
Phone: (514)398-2822
Email: Karine.Auclair [at] McGill.CA
Barrett, Christopher Position: Professor
Office: OM 419
Phone: (514)398-6919
Email: Christopher.Barrett [at] McGill.CA
Christopher Barrett
Blum, Amy Position: Associate Professor
Office: PP 105
Phone: (514)398-6237
Email: Amy.Blum [at] McGill.CA
Amy Blum
Bohle, Scott Position: Professor
Office: OM 233A
Phone: (514)398-7409
Email: Scott.Bohle [at] McGill.CA
Scott Bohle
Caire da Silva, Lucas Position: Assistant Professor
Office: OM 220
Email: Lucas.Cairedasilva [at] McGill.CA
Cosa, Gonzalo Position: Professor
Office: PP 109A
Phone: (514)398-6932
Email: Gonzalo.Cosa [at] McGill.CA
Gonzalo Cosa
Damha, Masad Position: Professor
Office: OM 413A
Phone: (514)398-7552
Email: Masad.Damha [at] McGill.CA
Masad Damha
Gleason, James Position: Professor
Office: OM 309A
Phone: (514)398-5596
Email: Jim.Gleason [at] McGill.CA
Jim Gleason
Harpp, David Position: Professor
Office: OM 212
Phone: (514)398-6685
Email: David.Harpp [at] McGill.CA
David Harpp
Harrington, Matthew

Position: Professor
Office: PP 106
Phone: (514)398-3180
Email: Matt.Harrington [at] McGill.CA

Matt Harrington
Kakkar, Ashok Position: Professor
Office: OM 313
Phone: (514)398-6912
Email: Ashok.Kakkar [at] McGill.CA
Ashok Kakkar

Kambhampati, Pat

Position: Professor
Office: OM 423
Phone: (514)398-7228
Email: Pat.Kambhampati [at] McGill.CA

Pat Kambhampati

Khaliullin, Rustam Position: Associate Professor
Office: PP 109C
Phone: (514)398-2254
Email: Rustam.Khaliullin [at] McGill.CA

Rustam Khaliullin

Légaré, Marc André Position: Assistant Professor
Office: OM427
Phone: 514-398-4400 ext. 00307
Email: Ma.Legare [at] McGill.CA
Lennox, Bruce Position: Professor
Office: PP 103
Phone: (514)398-8034
Email: Bruce.Lennox [at] McGill.CA
Bruce Lennox
Li, C.J. Position: Professor
Office: OM 436A
Phone: (514)398-8457
Email: CJ.Li [at] McGill.CA
C.J. Li
Luedtke, Nathan Position: Professor
Office: PP 107
Phone: (514)398-6934
Email: Nathan.Luedtke [at] McGill.CA
Nathan Luedtke
Lumb, Jean-Philip Position: Associate Professor
Office: OM 314
Phone: (514)398-4889
Email: Jean-Philip.Lumb [at] McGill.CA
Jean-Philip Lumb
Mauzeroll, Janine Position: Professor
Office: PP 112
Phone: (514) 398-3898
Email: Janine.Mauzeroll [at] McGill.CA
McCalla, Eric

Position: Assistant Professor
Office:OM 426
Phone: (514) 398-1074
Email: Eric.McCalla [at] McGill.CA

Eric McCalla
McKeague, Maureen

Position: Assistant Professor
Office: OM 220
Email: Maureen.Mckeague [at] McGill.CA

Maureen McKeague
Mittermaier, Tony Position: Professor
Office: PP 102
Phone: (514)398-3085
Email: Anthony.Mittermaier [at] McGill.CA
Tony Mittermaier
Moitessier, Nicolas Position: Professor
Office: OM 216
Phone: (514)398-8543
Email: Nicolas.Moitessier [at] McGill.CA
Nicolas Moitessier
Moores, Audrey Position: Professor
Office: OM 310
Phone: (514)398-4654
Email: Audrey.Moores [at] McGill.CA
Perepichka, Dima Position: Professor
Office: OM 327
Phone: (514)398-6940
Email: Dmitrii.Perepichka [at] McGill.CA
Dima Perepichka
Preston, Thomas

Position: Associate Professor
Office: OM 425
Phone: (514)398-3766
Email: Thomas.Preston [at] McGill.CA

Thomas Preston
Reven, Linda Position: Associate Professor
Office: OM 214
Phone: (514)398-8058
Email: Linda.Reven [at] McGill.CA
Linda Reven
Simine, Lena Position: Assistant Professor
Office: PP 118
Phone: (514)398-1317
Email: Lena.Simine [at] McGill.CA
Lena Simine
Siwick, Brad Position: Associate Professor
Office: OM 311
Phone: (514)398-5853
Email: Bradley.Siwick [at] McGill.CA
Sleiman, Hanadi Position: Professor
Office: OM 417
Phone: (514)398-2633
Email: Hanadi.Sleiman [at] McGill.CA
Hanadi Sleiman

Thibodeaux, Christopher

Position: Assistant Professor
Office: OM 222
Phone: (514)398-3637
Email: Christopher.Thibodeaux [at] McGill.CA

Chris Thibodeaux

Tsantrizos, Youla Position: Professor
Office: OM 316
Phone: (514)398-3638
Email: Youla.Tsantrizos [at] McGill.CA
Youla Tsantrizos
van de Ven, Theo Position: Professor
Office: PP 108
Phone: (514)398-6177
Email: Theo.vandeVen [at] McGill.CA

Theo van de Ven

Wiseman, Paul Position: Professor
Office: OM 218
Phone: (514)398-5354
Email: Paul.Wiseman [at] McGill.CA
Paul Wiseman

Faculty Lecturers

Name Information Picture
Pavelka, Laura Position: Faculty Lecturer 
Office: OM 100
Phone: (514) 398-7276
Email: Laura.Pavelka [at] McGill.CA
Laura Pavelka
Sewall, Sam Position: Faculty Lecturer
Office: OM 118
Phone: (514)-398-5536
Email: Samuel.Sewall [at] McGill.CA
Sam Sewall
Sirjoosingh, Pallavi Position: Faculty Lecturer
Office: OM 100
Phone: (514)-398-6900
Email: Pallavi.Sirjoosingh [at] McGill.CA

Pallavi Sirjoosingh


Associate Member

Kostikov, Alexey Position: Associate Member
Office: the Neuro, 3801 University street, WB326
Phone: (514) 398-1503
Email: Alexey.Kostikov [at] McGill.CA
Alexey Kostikov

Emeritus or Retired

Name Information

Butler, Ian

Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: Ian.Butler [at] McGill.CA

Chan, Tak-Hang

Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: Tak-Hang.Chan [at] McGill.CA
Eu, Byung Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: Byung.Eu [at] McGill.CA
Galley, William Position: Retired
Email: William.Galley [at] McGill.CA
Gray, Derek Position: Emeritus Professor
Office: PP M8
Phone: (514)398-6182
Email: Derek.Gray [at] McGill.CA
Ronis, David Position: Retired
Email: David.Ronis [at] McGill.CA
Salin, Eric Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: Eric.Salin [at] McGill.CA
Sanctuary, Bryan Position: Retired
Email: Bryan.Sanctuary [at] McGill.CA
Shaver, Alan Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: Alan.Shaver [at] McGill.CA

Whitehead, M.A (Tony) 

Position: Emeritus Professor
Office: OM 417
Phone: (514)398-6239
Email: Tony.Whitehead [at] McGill.CA

Office for Science and Society

Name Information Picture
Harpp, David Position: Professor
Office: OM 212
Phone: (514)398-6685
Email: David.Harpp [at] McGill.CA
David Harpp
Fenster, Ariel

Position: Faculty Lecturer
Office: OM 110
Phone: 514-398-2618
Email: Ariel.Fenster [at] McGill.CA

Ariel Fenster
Schwarcz, Joe Position: Director, Office for Science and Society
Office: OM 110
Phone: (514)398-6238
Email: Joe.Schwarcz [at] McGill.CA
Joe Schwarcz

Adjunct Members

Name Information
Friščić, Tomislav 

Position: Adjunct Professor

Email: tomislav.friscic [at] mcgill.ca

Laleg, Makhlouf Position: Adjunct Professor
Email: Makhlouf.Laleg [at] McGill.CA
Lam, Edmond Position: Adjunct Professor
Email: Edmond.Lam [at] McGill.CA

Wharf, Ivor

Position: Adjunct Professor
Email: Ivor.Wharf [at] McGill.CA

Zamboni, Robert

Position: Adjunct Professor
Email: Rjzambo [at] gmail.com


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