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Teaching: Fall 2020 courses will proceed remotely!

  • Courses will be delivered via Zoom, myCourses, take-home kits, and other demonstrated interactive platforms
  • Course delivery will implement modern, evidence-based teaching techniques and technologies
  • This is a chance for students to shape their own education, and shape the future of science education at McGill

What will hands-on learning look like at McGill this fall?
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Message from the Chair

I invite you to explore our Website. To begin, you will learn about the long and impressive history of Chemistry at McGill. Building on the first McGill PhD. in Chemistry, awarded to Annie MacLeod in 1910, nearly 1,500 PhD's have been earned in the Department. Many benchmarks in Chemistry have McGill origins including Soddy's research on the transmutation of the elements, Belleau's discovery of the antiviral 3TC, and Ogilvie's co-development of the first 'gene machine'.

McGill University Roddick Gate Painting by B. Folkins

We have a very friendly Department with 37 professors, and over 150 graduate students and 40 postdoctoral fellows. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity of undertaking cutting-edge research. M.Sc. or PhD. degrees in a number of areas of Chemistry are available. Faculty members are active in areas of Materials, Chemical Synthesis, Bio-organic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry and Nanochemistry in addition to the disciplinary areas of Analytical, Physical, Inorganic and Organic chemistry.

Please take time to explore the research interests of our professors by examining their individual websites. Please also have a look at the work of the Office for Chemistry and Society. This unique venture strongly favors the teaching and outreach efforts of the Department in the undergraduate environment.

McGill is an international university as reflected in the make-up of the Department, where faculty and students come from all parts of the world. In addition, Montreal is a fascinating city which delivers many exciting cultural advantages to make your stay at McGill a memorable one.

Dima Perepichka
Professor and Chair


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