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Killer Tampons from Outer Space or Why We Don’t Hear About Toxic Shock Syndrome Anymore 

There was an epidemic of toxic shock syndrome cases in the early 1980s. Nearly 2500 people in the U.S. were reported in just a couple of years. But now no one seems to get TSS, or at least we don't hear about people getting it. What happened to TSS? Why did we stop talking about it?

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No Need to be In the Dark About the Light Bulb

Ask people about who invented the light bulb and most will mutter something about Thomas Edison. But scientists were tinkering with light bulbs for decades before Edison came along. Edison did, however, develop the first practical light bulbs suitable for widespread use and the electrical grid needed to power them.

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Why do I get a jolt of pain every time I chew on a piece of aluminum foil?

Since dental fillings contain metals, and saliva is a good conductor, contact with aluminum can generate an electric current, and an intense jolt of pain!

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DYK aspirin can do more than just alleviate pain?

It is an excellent anti-inflammatory substance, has a “blood thinning” effect and can act as a heart-attack or stroke preventative.

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Margarine was invented to win a contest held by Napoleon III?



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