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2018 Trottier Symposium "Minding the Future: Living in a High-Tech World"

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Do household cleaners trigger child obesity?

That's the headline you might have come across this week based on a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study suggested that household cleaners could be contributing to obesity by disrupting the gut bacteria that make up your microbiome. But wait, how was this tested and aren't there other factors to consider in a study like this one?

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Sweating like a pig

The expression "sweating like a pig" doesn't really make sense if you know anything about pigs. Like the fact that they can't sweat.

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Why can I taste saline and medications when they're inserted into my IV?

It is quite common for patients to complain of a funny taste in their mouth when their IV lines are flushed with prepared syringes of saline. Who knew?

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Trees avoid touching each other due to "crown shyness." The results are beautiful webs of leaves.

Trees might be tall and strong, but they are still a bit sheepish.

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You asked...

What is ghee and is it healthier than butter?



Did you know...

Margarine was invented to win a contest held by Napoleon III?



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