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Squeezing Science out of Squishies 

They're cute, they're squishy, they're meant to be stress-relieving but the "squishy" toy is causing a lot of stress. This is why.

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Is Dental Floss Toxic?

A recent study purporting to show that “toxic” chemicals from some types of dental floss are ending up in users’ bloodstream does not actually provide evidence for the claim. Don’t give up flossing!

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Did You Know: A border wall between the U.S. and Mexico would cause mass ecological damage?

President Donald Trump's proposed border wall won't only affect immigrants entering the U.S. from Mexico, it will also wreak havoc on the ecosystems surrounding the border.

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Licking the Liquorice Habit

A twenty-year old woman showed up in the emergency room because she had lost all strength in the lower half of her body. Blood tests quickly revealed an extremely low potassium level. Why? Liquorice! 

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You Asked...

What is ghee and is it healthier than butter?



Did You Know...

Margarine was invented to win a contest held by Napoleon III?



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