Guidelines and Policies

General information about safety is available from the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at McGill website.

The McGill lab manual is available here.



Please consult the safety booklet for an extensive list of departmental policies.

  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the laboratory.
  • A lab coat must be worn during experimental work
  • Open-toe shoes or sandals in the laboratory are forbidden.
  • Rubber gloves should be worn to avoid contact with chemicals.
  • Rubber gloves must be removed outside the laboratory. They are forbidden in the corridors, in the office spaces and in the elevators.
  • When a bottle (<50 mL) of chemical is carried from one lab to another, or from the stores it should be placed in a pail or a safety carrier.



For disposal of sharps, glass bottles or any other waste, please consult the McGill Waste Management Programme page

Chemical inventory

The chemical inventory in all labs is managed centrally through myLab. MSDS sheets are available from this source as well.

Departmental Safety Committee

Ashok Kakkar (Professor & Committee Chair)

Jean-Marc Gauthier (Building Director: Otto Maass/ Pulp & Paper & Co-chair)
Scott Bohle (Professor)
James Gleason (Professor)
Nathan Luedtke (Professor)
Youla Tsantrizos (Professor)
Jeremy Dawkins (Graduate student representative)
Catarina Campanella (Undergraduate representative)


Safety Training


All students and staff are required to take a WHMIS training with the Environmental Heath and Safety. This training is valid for three years. Please register for a session here.

Departmental Safety Lecture

All new student or staff must attend the earliest Departmental Saftey Lecture. These lectures are offered 3 times a year, typically in the beginning of the fall, winter and summer terms.

Specialty Trainings

Students or staff may need specialty trainings, for instance on lasers, biosafety or radiation (non exhaustive list). Check out the list and register here.


General information about First aid at McGill

First aid at McGill

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

The chemistry department has one AED located in the lobby (1st floor) of the Otto Maas building.

A AED Presentation video is available and describes the following steps
a.    1st presentation:  an overview of the machine and history
b.    2nd presentation:  the set-up and maintenance info for the AED
c.    3rd presentation: How to use the AED

First-aid trained personnel

Below is the list of first-aid trained personnel in the Otto Maass and Pulp and Paper buildings:

Otto Maass Building

Name Location Phone Number
Bedard, Mathieu 121 (514)398-6905
Bohle, Scott 233A (514)398-7409
Briand-Pitts, Chelsea 322 (514)398-6938
Commodari, Rosario 322 (514)398-6938
Daoust, Mike 121 (514)398-6905
Jonderian, Antranik 429 (514)398-8228
Kakkar, Ashok 313 (514)398-6912
Kim, Mikhail 430 (514)398-6916
Koryszko, Grace 121 (514)398-6905
Lalli, Sandra 1 (514)398-6223
Lotocki, Victor 230 (514)398-6924
McKeague, Maureen 220 (514)398-6338
Perepichka, Inna 440 (514)398-6224
Sha'ath, Badawy 1 (514)398-6223

Pulp & Paper Building

Name Location Phone Number
Beaulieu, Isabelle 311 (514)398-6545
Sewall, Samuel 118A (514)398-5536



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