Name Information Picture
Aerssen, Sandra Position: Administrative Officer
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 324
Phone: (514)398-6939
Email: Sandra.Aerssen [at]
Alvarez, Lina Position: Student Affairs Coordinator
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 322
Phone: (514)398-6938
Email: Lina.Alvarez [at]
Briand-Pitts, Chelsea  Position: Administrative Coordinator
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 322
Phone: (514)398-6938/6999
Email: Chelsea.Briand-Pitts [at]
Commodari, Ross Position: Administrative Coordinator
Office:Otto Maass, Rm. 322
Phone: (514)398-6938
Email: Ross.Commodari [at]
Del Paggio, Linda


Position: Chair’s Secretary
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 322
Phone: (514)398-6940
Email: Linda.Delpaggio [at]
Li, Juan Position: Research Accounts Administrator, FST
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 224
Phone: (514)398-5288
Email: sciencefinancepod3 [at]
Marleau, Jennifer Position: Research Accounts Administrator, FST (On Leave)

Marotte, Chantal

Position: Graduate Program Administrator
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 315
Phone: (514)398-6941
Email: Chantal.Marotte [at]
Workman, Robert

Position: IT Consultant
Office:Otto Maass, Rm. 118
Phone: (514)398-8936
Email: Robert.Workman [at]

Teaching Facilities

Laboratory Staff:

Name Information Picture
Gauthier, Jean-Marc Position: Academic Associate / Director of Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories / Building Director
Office: PP 118A
Phone: (514)398-6180
Lab Phone: (514) 398-6223
Email: Jean-Marc.Gauthier [at]
Huot, Mitchell Position: Academic Associate
Office: PP 118A
Phone: (514)398-6223
Email: Mitchell.Huot [at]


Teaching Laboratory Technicians:

Name Information Picture
Bedard, Mathieu Position: Course Technician
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 121
Phone: (514)398-6905
Email: Mathieu.Bedard [at]

Daoust, Mike Position: Course Coordinator
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 128
Phone: (514)398-6902
Email: Mike.Daoust [at]
Koryszko, Grace Position: Course Technician
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 121
Phone: (514)398-6905
Email: Grace.Koryszko [at]
Lalli, Sandra Position: Course Technician
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 121
Phone: (514)398-6905
Email: Sandra.Lalli [at]
Sha’ath, Badawy Position: Course Coordinator
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 1
Phone: (514)398-6223
Lab Phone: (514)398-6223
Email: Badawy.Shaath [at]

Research Facilities


Name Information Picture
Perrone, Mario Position: Head Storekeeper
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 41
Phone: (514)398-6221
Email: Mario.Perrone [at]


Name Information Picture
Richard Rossi Position: Chief Electronics Technician
Office: Otto Maass, 211
Phone: (514)398-6218
Email: Richard.Rossi [at]
Wang, Weihua Position: Electronics Technician
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 211
Phone: (514) 398-6218
Email: Weihua.Wang [at]
Guay, Jean-Philippe Position: Shop Technician
Office: Otto Maass, Room 41
Email: Jean-Philippe.Guay [at]

Solution and Solid State NMR:

Name Information Picture
Stein, Robin Position: Academic Associate
Office: Otto Maass, Rm. 35B
Phone: (514)398-6219
Email: Robin.Stein [at]

High Field NMR:

Name Information Picture
Sprules, Tara Position: Academic Associate, QANUC Manager
Office: P&P M8
Phone: (514)398-1721
Email: Tara.Sprules [at]

Mass Spectrometry:

Name Information Picture
Saadé, Nadim Position: Research Assistant
Office: Otto Maass Rm. 29-30
Phone: (514)398-6178
Email: Nadim.Saade [at]
Wahba, Alexander Position: Academic Associate
Office: Otto Maass Rm. 29-30
Phone: (514) 398-7326
Email: Alexander.Wahba [at]



Name Information Picture
Fiurasek, Petr Position: Coordinator, QCAM/CQMF
Office: PP 118
Phone: (514)983-6288
Email: petr.fiurasek [at]
Ramkaran, Mohini Position: Research Assistant, QCAM/CQMF 
Office: Pulp & Paper Rm. M8
Phone: (514)398-6904
Email: Mohini.Ramkaran [at]
Toader, Violeta Position: Research Assistant, QCAM/CQMF
Office: Otto Maass Rm. 430
Phone: (514)398-8228
Email: Violeta.Toader [at]