Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

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Teaching: Fall 2020 courses will proceed remotely!

  • Courses will be delivered via Zoom, myCourses, take-home kits, and other demonstrated interactive platforms
  • Course delivery will implement modern, evidence-based teaching techniques and technologies
  • This is a chance for students to shape their own education, and shape the future of science education at McGill

What will hands-on learning look like at McGill this fall?
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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Hannah Chirgwin, Celia Du, Ross Koby, and Sokina Joseph in the Rudy Marcus laboratories. Photo: Owen Egan

Undergraduate teaching is a core mission of the department of Chemistry at McGill. We offer a unique learning environment to our students, with world-class professors, AV equipped facilities and fully renovated, innovative teaching lab. Our department offers many undergraduate programs featuring chemistry, a large list of courses and many opportunities to perform research. Check out why McGill and Chemistry should be included in your career plan and how to register.

Many of our faculty members have received Excellence in Teaching awards. In fact, the top teaching award in Science at McGill is named in honour of Leo Yaffe a professor and former Chair of the Department. This concern with education is reflected in that some of the most popular courses at McGill are Chemistry courses.

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