Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

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Teaching: Fall 2020 courses will proceed remotely!

  • Courses will be delivered via Zoom, myCourses, take-home kits, and other demonstrated interactive platforms
  • Course delivery will implement modern, evidence-based teaching techniques and technologies
  • This is a chance for students to shape their own education, and shape the future of science education at McGill

What will hands-on learning look like at McGill this fall?
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Current Undergraduate Students

ASK ANYTHING SESSION JUNE 26th for CHEM 110/112/211/212/224/234!

Please join us for a Chemistry "Ask Us Anything" session on June 26 at 10:30am (EDT, GMT -4:00). Lecturers and lab instructors  from CHEM 110/112 (General Chemistry), CHEM 212/211/224 (Intro Organic I), and CHEM 234 (Intro Organic II) will be there to answer your questions about how these classes and labs will be formatted, what you can expect from these courses, and how best to prepare for them. Students who have taken CHEM 234 in the Summer 2020 term will also be on hand to provide a first-person perspective on what it’s like to take an online chemistry course at McGill.

Current Undergraduate Students:

The other pages navigable from the sidebar on this portion are primarily for students who are majoring in Chemistry. 

Most other students can find answers to their questions here.  

If you have questions about CEGEP equivalencies, information can be found here and here, and you ought to contact an advisor in your Faculty for further inquiries. 

Chemistry at McGill - plans for Fall 2020

Greetings from McGill Chemistry!  We hope that you and your loved ones are well and safe.

We wanted to reach out during these uncertain times and let you know how excited we are for the upcoming academic year.  The Chemistry department is hard at work developing new content and programming that can be delivered effectively online.  Throughout the summer, we will be posting periodic updates to keep you informed of what’s happening at McGill in our department.  We look forward to welcoming new and returning students to participate in the vibrant community within our department and across the University. 

The information here will be updated periodically, feel free to check regularly. 

Questions & Answers:

Will you be offering all of your usual Fall courses?

Yes – absolutely! However, as specified by the Faculty of Science, for reasons of safety and equity, all of our courses in Fall 2020 will be delivered remotely.  You do NOT need to be present in Montreal for Fall 2020 semester.  

What are your remote courses going to look like?

For accessibility, our courses will include a combination of pre-recorded background material, interactive sessions during the scheduled lecture times, and flexibly scheduled smaller group office hours and/or conferences with the course professors and staff to allow for personal connection. In addition, all live sessions will be recorded and posted on myCourses, and extra review materials will be available.

We are designing course assessments that will be spread across the term and include integrative assignments to engage students in authentic scientific thinking.

How can you offer laboratory courses and laboratory portions of courses remotely?

For our CHEM courses, professors and TAs are re-envisioning the courses to be delivered online, but retain as much as possible experiences which can be replicated either at home or structured activities online. 

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