Green Chemistry Trivia Night


Published: 29Apr2015

The McGill Green Chemistry Student Association hosted a Green Chemistry Trivia Night on Mar 20 2015 at Thompson House. The association was formed by CREATE trainees following a CREATE seminar on How to Start Your Own Student-Led Green Chemistry Initiative by Laura Reyes (U. of T.) last August. The Trivia Night was a resounding success, with over 60 participants attending. The Faculty/Staff team included CREATE members CJ Li, Tomislav Friscic, and Audrey Moores, CREATE coordinator Jacky Farrell, and CREATE outreach member Alex Wabha. They took on teams of students in a fun-filled evening discussing everything from astroturf to miners' strikes in South Africa and their impact on Platinum prices. The event helped recruite new members for the Outreach group and others interested in joining the Association. We look forward to the next event from this talented group of trainees.

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