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McGill Magnetic Resonance Facilities (MMRF) are now recycling helium

Published: 14May2021

In late April 2021, a helium recovery system was installed for the Chemistry NMR/EPR Facility in Otto Maass and the QANUC high-field NMR facility in Pulp and Paper.  This technology, one of only a...

Family Science Day: Tales from the lab; nearly 200 years of McGill Chemistry


As part of McGill’s Bicentennial and 24h de science, join McGill Chemistry Outreach on May 8th at 11 am as we celebrate the wildest discoveries in chemistry throughout McGill's history wi...

Air pollution: The silent killer called PM2.5

Published: 11Mar2021

Millions of people die prematurely every year from diseases and cancer caused by air pollution. The first line of defence against this carnage is ambient air quality standards. Yet, according to...

The Art-chemist - Nuit blanche


Join the McGill Chemistry Outreach Group for Nuit Blanche in our secret art museum to learn the underlying chemistry in different forms of art!/chemistryCategory: Dept. of Chemistry...


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