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Green Chemistry is a research field that strives to replace current polluting chemical feedstocks, reactions, processes and products with alternatives that are environmentally “benign by design”. The reduction and ultimately the elimination of hazardous substances, including solvents, is a great challenge, because it requires the re-formatting or even reinvention of many classic chemical reactions. These new chemistries must make economic sense in addition to yielding health and environment benefits. 

The CREATE in Green Chemistry program broadly aims to produce trainees who will be capable of assuming leadership roles in Canada’s transition to a clean technology-based economy. A key strength of this program is its strong multidisciplinary component with members bridging the gaps between chemistry, chemical engineering, and management/strategy. 

Students completing the program will be equipped with the practical skills, real-world experience, and interdisciplinary knowledge they need to become effective clean technology change agents.


Want to learn more?

Meet the CREATE professors and students in green chemistry at McGill as they explain what they do and why they do it. This video was created by undergraduate student Vanessa Chazelle (Moores group), with funding from CREATE. View the video here.



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