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Green Chemistry describes efforts to make chemical reactions and processes environmentally benign. The reduction and ultimately the elimination of hazardous substances, including solvents, is a great challenge, because it requires the re-formatting or even reinvention of many classic chemical reactions. These new chemistries must make economic sense in addition to yielding health and environment benefits. 

The focal points of this Green Chemistry initiative are specifically the invention and application of novel forms of catalysis (chemical and biological), the development and use of environmentally safe solvents for chemical reactions and processes, and the development of an understanding of both the environmental and economic impact of these new processes and chemical products.

CREATE trainees in Green Chemistry have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

To learn more about the research program, please review the latest CREATE-related publications and contact members of the CREATE team. You can also meet the CREATE professors and students in green chemistry at McGill as they explain what they do and why they do it in this CREATE video created by undergraduate student Vanessa Chazelle (Moores group). 



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