Chemical Society Seminar: Armido Studer - Electron Catalysis


Radical reactions are routinely considered in synthetic planning, and highly active research continues on new ways to make and use radicals.

Office 365 Spring Photo Contest - winners announced

Published: 26Jun2018

The votes are in! Congratulations to the winners and all participants....

Grinding enzymes to break down cellulose

Published: 13Jun2018

Cellulose, one of the three major components of plants, is showing great promise as a renewable source for many convenience products. It is made of glucose, a molecule which can be fermented by...

Watching energy flow in solids with ultrafast electron bursts

Published: 12Jun2018

The way individual atoms and molecules move in materials has important consequences on properties such as electrical conductivity, heat capacity and acoustics.  Even in solids, atoms are always...