Imagine living in a world where the wisdom of Indigenous communities guides our actions towards biodiversity and human health. This isn't just a vision; it's becoming a reality through the groundbreaking initiative known as Ărramăt. This New Frontiers in Research funded project is a pioneering effort to acknowledge and amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples, empowering them to share their knowledge about the environment's role in promoting health and well-being.

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Published on: 29 Nov 2023

As the Arctic wind whistles through Canada's northern wilderness, a unique collaboration is unfolding between scientists and Indigenous communities. Graduate and Postdoctoral students in the Northern Research Knowledges Lab, under the leadership of Dr. Murray Humphries, are redefining how scientific research is conducted.

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Published on: 29 Nov 2023

Discover the latest achievements of McGill's Indigenous Mentorship and Paid Research Experience for Summer Students (IMPRESS) program!

The IMPRESS team was honored with the Principal’s Award for Administrative & Support Staff at the Fall 2023 Convocation Ceremony on November 20, 2023. We are proud to highlight HBHL's pivotal role in this transformative initiative.

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Published on: 22 Nov 2023

Thanks to the generosity of Roger Warren, two fellowships for $12,500 are being offered to Indigenous students pursuing a MA or Doctoral thesis at McGill University, focusing in some aspect on the study of Indigenous Canada. 

For more information, please visit the Indigenous Studies Program website

View the fellowship application pdf here

Published on: 5 Oct 2023

On Friday, September 22nd 2023, McGill University's First Peoples house hosted the 22nd annual PowWow in collaboration with the Office of Indigenous Initiatives. 

View coverage of this years' PowWow here, by Neale McDevitt, Editor at the McGill Reporter. 

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Published on: 5 Oct 2023

View Earl Zukerman's coverage here of the Second Annual Legacy Game, which took place on September 30th 2023 between McGill Redbirds and Queen's Gaels.

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Published on: 5 Oct 2023

The Department of Psychology is seeking a Student Research Assistant to support a collaborative project with the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) on “Respecting and asserting First Nations Data Sovereignty Research Data Management”. This project is a collaborative effort between FNIGC, six academic institutions, including McGill University, and multiple Inuit and First Nations governments and organizations.

Published on: 9 Aug 2023
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