Breaking barriers: IMPRESS and the transformative power of Indigenous mentorship

Published: 31 October 2023

IMPRESS students at MILA - Quebec AI Institute

IMPRESS students at a Wilderness session in Kahnawake

HBHL is pleased to collaborate with the Indigenous Mentorship and Paid Research Experience for Summer Students (IMPRESS) program, working alongside Branches—McGill's Community Outreach Program at Enrolment Services.

HBHL proudly supports the STEM stream of this interdisciplinary paid mentorship program, helping to place students in the labs of HBHL-funded PIs and recruiting Indigenous students from all over Canada to come spend the summer in Montreal. This partnership aims to empower students, offering hands-on experience and fostering their academic growth. To learn more about IMPRESS and the incredible work it does, check out our article in the McGill Reporter!

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