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Published: 25Jan2005

As you know, Maritime Life has been the administrator of our Health and Dental Plans since 1998.

On April 28, 2004, a merger agreement between Manulife Financial Corporation and John Hancock Financial Services Inc. was completed. In Canada, this merger meant that Maritime Life — a subsidiary of John Hancock Financial Services — became part of the Manulife Group of Companies.

This merger has not affected the administration of our Health and Dental Plans. The benefits you currently enjoy, plus the plan improvements introduced in January 2005, have not changed. The plan contract number is still 7257.

However, starting early in 2005, you will begin to see — and hear — signs that Manulife Financial and Maritime Life are becoming a single, combined organization. The following explains some of the changes that will occur in the near future, as well as what is expected to remain the same for the time being. While Manulife Financial and Maritime Life gradually merge into one company, we will advise you of any future changes as they are communicated to us.

Customer Service

You will begin to hear a new welcome greeting when you call customer service. Service representatives will welcome customers to "Manulife — formerly Maritime Life." Please note that only the greetings are changing.

The telephone numbers will remain the same. In the Montreal area, continue to use 514-287-4243. For those who normally use the Maritime Life toll-free customer service number, continue to use 1-800-361-2833.

Deferred Drug Card

Continue to use your Maritime Life Script deferred drug card in the usual manner. (Please note the Maritime Life Script deferred drug card is only issued to plan members under age 65.)

Emergency Out-Of-Country/Travel Assistance

The emergency out-of-country/travel assistance provider continues to be World Access. The emergency telephone numbers indicated on your World Access travel card remain unchanged.

If you require such a travel card, please call the Benefits Office at 514-398-4900.


Benefit Year and Claims Submission Deadline

The merger has not affected the benefit year or the claims submission deadline. The benefit year is still January 1 to December 31. All health and dental claims must still be received within 90 days of the end of the benefit year, that is, by March 31. As in the past, claims received after this date will not be paid.


Continue to use the current Maritime Life health and dental claim forms, and send the completed forms to the addresses that appear on those forms. Maritime Life claim forms can be downloaded from the McGill staff benefits website, or obtained directly from the Benefits Office or your Area Personnel Office.

Coordination of Benefits

McGill employees whose spouses are insured with Manulife Financial will no longer need to resubmit claims to coordinate benefits between plans. Manulife will automatically take care of the coordination of benefits. Simply complete the Coordination of Benefits section of your Maritime Life claim form including your spouse's contract number with ManuLife Financial.

Dental Claims

If your dentist submits your dental claims electronically, it is important that you ensure your dentist continues to submit them to Maritime Life. Please note that claims submitted electronically to Manulife Financial will be rejected until further notice.

Claims 'Drop Off'

In Montreal, as of January 24, the Maritime Life receptions located on the 12th and 14th floors at 999 de Maisonneuve West will no longer exist. For those who prefer to deliver their claim forms in person, please note there will be two claims "drop-off" locations: one on the 14th floor at 999 de Maisonneuve West and another on the 5th floor at the Manulife Group Benefits Office at 2000 Mansfield. Whichever location you use, your claims will still reach the Health and Dental Benefits Department in a timely manner.

Reimbursement Cheques

Over time, you will begin to notice claim reimbursement cheques arriving on Manulife Financial cheques. Cheques showing Manulife Financial's identity will eventually become the standard.

Maritime Life/Manulife Website

For news and highlights about the integration of Manulife Financial and Maritime Life Group Benefits operations, go to the Manulife website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Office at 514-398-4900.

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