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International Development Graduate Research Awards Recipients Announced


Published: 27 May 2013

The Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of ISID's New International Development Graduate Research Awards:

  • Casssandra Cotton (Sociology): Securing the Future of Children and Youth
  • Jennifer Glasco (Anthropology):  Beyond an African "Youth Crisis":  Livelihood Strategies & Empowerment of Kenyan Maasai Youth
  • Lukas Labacher (Education):  Exploring How Adolescent Girls Can Use Cell Phones and Social Media to Form Long-Term ART Treatment Strategies in Rural South Africa
  • Emily Savage (Geography):  Oil, Land Tenure, and Livelihoods in South Sudan: Local Perceptions of the Lamu Port and Lamu South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET) Oil Pipeline
  • Joshua Schwab Cartas (Education):   Engaging Zapotec Youth in Intergenerational Dialogue Through Participatory Video
  • Sarah Wilson (Geography):  NGO-led, community-based tropical forest restoration projects In South America

We congratulate the recipients of these awards.

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