Medical School Interviews

Requirements for Medical School Admissions

Preparation Guides

Preparing for your medical school interview is essential to your potential success. Below is a list of handouts and resources to help you best prepare yourself for the interview.

Medical Interview Guides and Programs

For more information on how to prepare med school interview, visit Medical Direction (MD), a service of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) serving as the official pre-medical society of McGill University.  For additional information:

Recommended Books (Available at CaPS)

If you are looking for books to practice medical mini interviews or residency interviews, consult the following resources.

Medical Interview Books

  • BeMo's Ultimate Guide to CASPer Test Prep: How to Increase Your CASPer SIM Score by 23% Using the Proven Strategies They May Not Want You to Know
  • Casper SIM for the mind: 24 high-yield word-based scenarios + answers
  • How to ace your medical school interview: 224 sample questions and answers with insight on the interviews and premed process
  • Master the MMI: Your key to success on the multiple mini interview
  • Multiple mini interview for the mind
  • Succeed in your medical school interview: Stand out from the crowd and get into your chosen medical school
  • The medical school interview: From preparation to thank you notes: Empowering advice to help you succeed
  • The medical school interview: Winning strategies from admissions faculty
  • The medical School interview: Secrets and a system for success (2nd ed.)
  • The ultimate guide to the multiple mini interview (MMI): Build confidence and be on top of your game for the MMI
  • Medical Interview Books (Available in the McGill Libraries)

Residency Books

  • From medical school to residency: How to compete successfully in the residency match program
  • Doing right: A practical guide to ethics for medical trainees and physicians (3rd ed.)
  • Iserson's getting into a residency: A guide for medical students (8th ed.)
  • The successful match: 200 rules to succeed in the residency match
  • Residency Books (Available in the McGill Libraries)
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