2021 ARIA recipients

In 2021, 40 students from different departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards.

ARIA Summer Projects


“Ashura Online: Poetry, Technology and Ritual in Iran”
Ashkaan Kashani
Prof Setrag Manoukian, Anthropology

PDF icon Ashkaan Kashani

“An Historical Anthropology of Medieval South Indian Socio-Politics: Archaeology and Epigraphy in Early and Middle Medieval”
Audrey Gray
Prof. Peter Johansen, Anthropology

PDF icon Audrey Gray

“Conservation and Society in East Africa”
Eliana Miskey
Prof. John Galaty, Anthropology

PDF icon Eliana Miskey

“Territories of Life”
Phenthok Tenzin
Prof. Colin Scott, Anthropology

PDF icon Phenthok Tenzin

Art History

“Energy Media - The Politics of Solid-Phase Bitumen”
Hyeyoon Cho
Prof. Darin Barney, Art History & Communication Studies

PDF icon Hyeyoon Cho

“Artistic Expression and Material Conditions in Canadian Federal Prisons”
Ella Hough
Prof. William Straw, Art History & Communication Studies

PDF icon Ella Hough

“Locating AI”
Laine McCrory
Prof. Jonathan Sterne, Art History & Communication Studies

PDF icon Laine McCrory


“Technologies of Social Change in the Student Press and Student Media Culture”
Kate Ellis
Prof. Carrie Rentschler, Communication Studies

PDF icon Kate Ellis

Computer Science

“DynAppDis System Full Integration”
Ruoyu Wang
Prof. Bettina Kemme, Computer Science

PDF icon Ruoyu Wang


“Understanding the Heterogeneity of Urban Transit Interventions: The Case of Bus Rapid Transit Systems”
Josephine Campbell
Prof. Nicolas Gendron-Carrier, Economics

PDF icon Josephine Campbell

 "Tackling COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Ontario: Does language matter?"
Olivia Yu
Prof. Laura Lasio, Economics

PDF icon Olivia Yu

Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Understanding user perception of AI ethics - A case study of COVID-19 contact tracing system"
Anthony Dumais
Prof. AJung Moon, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PDF icon Anthony Dumais


“Race, Fiction, and Readers on the Internet: A Study of Goodreads.com”
Victor Wang
Prof. Richard So, English

PDF icon Victor Wang

“Mountains of the Mind”
Juliette Naeveke
Prof. Sandeep Banerjee, English

PDF icon Juliette Naeveke

“FRQSC Research Team Epistemologies of Embodied Risk "A Study Guide to Alison Duke's Promise Me: HIV/ AIDS Media, Policing Black”
Shaquiera Hamilton
Prof. Alanna Thain, English


“New cities as geopolitical strategy”
Rebecca Stewart
Prof. Sarah Moser, Geography

PDF icon Rebecca Stewart

History and Classical Studies

“Songs of Mourning in Roman Epitaphs and Law”
Robert Hinrichsen
Prof. Charles Gladhill, History and Classical Studies

“Religion, Ethnicity, and Immigration in Montreal 1907-1918”
Grace Farran
Prof. Tassos Anastassiadis, History and Classical Studies

PDF icon Grace Farran

“À travers le vortex”
Olivia Genest-Binding
Prof. Lynn Kozak, History and Classical Studies

PDF icon Olivia Genest-Binding

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

“Between Past and Future: Hannah Arendt – Walter Benjamin – Theodor W. Adorno and the Ethics of Memory After Auschwitz”
Frank Li
Prof. Karin Bauer, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

PDF icon Frank Li


“Puzzles in the Syntax of Hierarchy Effects”
Jack Ryan
Prof. Jessica Coon, Linguistics

PDF icon Jack Ryan

Mathematics and Statistics

“Rank-Based Hierarchical Clustering and its Applications in Dependence Modelling”
Sebastian Pacheco
Prof. Christian Genest, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

PDF icon Sebastian Pacheco

Neurology and Neurosurgery

“Musician Advantages in Pitch Processing: A Basis in Brain Connectivity?”
Rubana Murshed
Prof. Robert Zatorre, Neurology and Neurosurgery

PDF icon Rubana Murshed


“Ideas of Slavery in Early Modern Philosophy”
Pratik Mahajan
Prof. Hasana Sharp, Philosophy

PDF icon Pratik Mahajan

“Psychological Effects of the Flooding in Rigaud, QC”
Adele Gagnon
Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

PDF icon Adele Gagnon

Political Science

“Research on Covid-19, Partisanship and Democratic Backsliding”
Alexander Kelly
Prof. Dietlind Stolle, Political Science

PDF icon Alexander Kelly

“The Politics of Hybrid Global Governance Practices”
Celia Benhocine
Prof. Vincent Pouliot, Political Science

“The Development of the Concept of Ideology in the Early Frankfurt School (1922-1937)”
Helena Lang
Prof. William Roberts, Political Science

PDF icon Helena Lang

“Federalism, Natural Resources, and Territorial Political Conflicts”
Mathieu Lavault
Prof. Daniel Beland, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada

PDF icon Mathieu Lavault

"Pandemics, Conflict Actors, and Implications for Peace Operations"
Nathan Devereaux
Prof. Jennifer Welsh, Political Science

PDF icon Nathan Devereaux

"A Different Partisan Voice: The Shifting Roles of Gender and Conservative Women in the Conservative Party of Canada "
Anna Mackay
Prof. Kelly Gordon, Political Science

PDF icon Anna Mackay

"The Separation of Powers and the Crisis of Constitutional Democracy"
Noah Kidd
Prof. Jacob Levy, Political Science

PDF icon Noah Kidd


“Sociodemographic Moderators of Natural Disaster Exposure on the Psychological Distress of Pregnant Women"
Sophie Brunelle-Newman
Prof. Suzanne King, Psychiatry

PDF icon Sophie Brunelle-Newman


“Production of Idioms, Homonyms, and Cognate words in Bilingual Speakers"
Michelle Yang
Prof. Debra Titone, Psychology

PDF icon Michelle Yang

“Eye Tracking Analyses Methods for Dyadic Interactions"
Miriam Cheety
Prof. Jelena Ristic, Psychology

PDF icon Miriam Cheety

“Trait Concepts Vary by Target Identity Because of Assumed Context"
Hannah Shiller
Prof. Eric Hehman, Psychology

PDF icon Hannah Shiller

Religious Studies

“Religious Symbols and Narratives in Japanese Pop Culture”
Ryan Brown
Prof. Mikael Bauer, Religious Studies

PDF icon Ryan Brown

Social Work

“SHIFT: the Impact of COVID-19 on Peer Researchers Living with HIV”
Fern Lou Fernandez
Prof. Zack Marshall, Social Work

PDF icon Fern Lou Fernandez


“Fighting Over State or Nation: British and French Colonialism and the Type of Ethnic Warfare”
Emmanuelle Hebert
Prof. Matthew Lange, Sociology

PDF icon Emmanuelle Hebert

Visual Arts Collection

"Primary Research for McGill's Bicentennial: The Visual Arts Collection"
Sarah Kingston
Prof. Gwendolyn Owens, Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Sarah Kingston

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