2020 ARIA recipients

In 2020, 34 students from different departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards.

ARIA summer projects

Art History

"Rethinking the St Lawrence Seaway"
Sian Lathrop
Prof. Darin Barney, Art History and Communication Studies

PDF icon Sian Lathrop


“Territories of Life”
Simone Bobrow
Prof. Colin Scott, Anthropology

PDF icon Simone Bobrow

Computer Science

“SQL queries over Python objects using an embedded column-based relational database”
Weiming Guo
Prof. Bettina Kemme, Computer Science

PDF icon Weiming Guo

Cultural Studies

“Social Storytelling: A Quantitative Study of Narrative Patterns in Online Communities”
Peter Ball
Prof. Richard So, Cultural Studies

PDF icon Peter Ball


“Budgeting for Happiness in Canada”
Ekaterina Lemermeyer
Prof. Christopher Barrington-Leigh, Economics

PDF icon Ekaterina Lemermeyer

“Evidence on the Returns to Schooling: A Meta Analysis”
Nicholas Gordon
Prof. Fabian Lange, Economics

PDF icon Nicholas Gordon


“English Encyclopedism and European Manuscript Culture in the Later Middle Ages”
Alexandra Barnes
Prof. Michael Van Dussen, English

PDF icon Alexandra Barnes


“The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study"
Vivian Qiang
Prof. AJung Moon, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PDF icon Vivian Qiang

“Implementation of a Data Interchange Among Worker Nodes in JAMScript”
Alvin Tan
Prof. Muthucumaru Maheswaran, Electrical and Computer Engineering

PDF icon Alvin Tan

Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Occupational Health and Public Health

“G-dWOLS Analysis of Different Fire Suppression Methods’ Effectiveness on Alberta Wildfires”
Jiewen Liu
Prof. Erica Moodie, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health

PDF icon Jiewen Liu

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

“Report on Reports: Evaluating Repetition as Praxis in Institutional Commitments to Equity at McGill University.”
Adi Sneg
Prof. Alanna Thain, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

PDF icon Adi Sneg

History and Classical Studies

“Monnaie de Carte en Nouvelle-France”
Olivia Genest-Binding
Prof. Catherine Desbarats, History and Classical Studies

PDF icon Olivia Genest-Binding


“Historians’ Fictions and U.S. Foreign Relations”
Brianna Cheng
Prof. Shanon Fitzpatrick, History

PDF icon Brianna Cheng

Languages, Litterature, and Cultures

“The Impact of Cost-Cutting on Journalism”
Benjamin LeBrun
Prof. Andrew Piper, Languages, Litterature, and Cultures

PDF icon Benjamin LeBrun


“The Status of Mid-Level Nuclear Accents in English”
Sijia Zhang
Prof. Francisco Torreira, Linguistics

PDF icon Sijia Zhang

“The syntax and semantics of counting numerals: the comparison of Mandarin Chinese and Latin counting numerals”
Yingrui He
Prof. Gillon Brendan, Linguistics

PDF icon Yingrui He

“A Computational Model of Phonotactics”
Scarlett Xu
Prof. Timothy O'Donnell, Linguistics

PDF icon Scarlett Xu

"Grammatical Criteria in Malagasy External Possession"
Tallis Clark
Prof. Jessica Coon, Linguistics

PDF icon Tallis Clark

Political Science

“Social Policy Responses to COVID-19 in Canada and the United States: Explaining Policy Variations Between Two Liberal Welfare Regimes”
Samuel Jetté
Prof. Daniel Béland, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada

PDF icon Samuel Jetté

“Comparative Environmentalism: Pipeline Protests in Canada and the US”
Declan Gemmill
Prof. Daniel Béland, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada

PDF icon Declan Gemmill

“'Buttom up' Protection in the United Nations”
Ender McDuff
Prof. Jennifer Welsh, Political Science

PDF icon Ender McDuff

“How Facebook Funds Canadian Journalism”
Claire Grenier
Prof. Taylor Owen, School of Public Policy

PDF icon Claire Grenier

“Making Promises Credible: A Look at 300 Years of Peace Treaties”
Sara Mohammadi
Prof. Krzysztof Pelc, Political Science

PDF icon Sara Mohammadi

"Myanmar's Democratic Transition"
Kai Scott
Prof. Erik Martinez Kuhonta

PDF icon Kai Scott


“Drivers and solutions for 'too much medicine' in mental healthcare: a cross-sectional study"
Denis Chmoulevitch
Prof. Brett Thombs, Psychiatry

PDF icon Denis Chmoulevitch

“Optimal cutoff selection in depression screening studies using the PHQ-9, EPDS, and HADS”
Eliana Brehaut
Prof. Brett Thombs, Psychiatry

PDF icon Eliana Brehaut

“Differential gene expression in the adolescent prefrontal cortex”
Tala Al-Marashdeh
Prof. Patricia Silveira, Psychiatry

PDF icon Tala Al-Marashdeh


“Investigating the influence of surprise and suspense on memory recollection"
Daria Lisus
Prof. Signy Sheldon, Psychology

PDF icon Daria Lisus

Katia Kutlesa
Prof. Aparna Nadig, Faculty of Medicine

PDF icon Katia Kutlesa

Religious Studies

“Religious Mosaic of Montreal”
Abigail Wiggans
Prof. Andrea Pinkney, Religious Studies

PDF icon Abigail Wiggans

“Mapping Montreal's Religious History: Jewish Montreal, c. 1850 to 1950.”
Gilad Cohen
Prof. Samuel Nelson, Religious Studies

PDF icon Gilad Cohen


“Are Schools the Great Equalizer in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Inequalities During the Summer Months and the School Year”
Ximena Ramirez Villanueva
Prof. Luca Maria Pesando, Sociology

PDF icon Ximena Ramirez Villanueva

“'Hashtag Sociology' and the Use of Twitter for Ethnographic Observation and Data Analysis”
Claire Corsten
Prof. Jan Doering, Sociology

PDF icon Claire Corsten

Visual Arts Collection

"Bicentennial Sherbrooke St. Exhibition: Research on Multiple Sites"
Rosalind Sweeney-McCabe
Prof. Gwendolyn Owens, Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Rosalind Sweeney-McCabe

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